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Created by - diabLo-Designz
In this guide i will show you how to change textures in Infinite Air and other Unity Engine games. I used many pictures since some people asked for it.
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Infinite Air is...like...the best Snowboarding game ever made.

The game is made in Unity 5! I dont like this engine, so many bad games are made with it and as i found out Infinite Air uses that engine i expected the worst...but damn...my next point is the gameplay and that is fantastic.

The gameplay.
Many negative reviews state that they thought its like Skate but it isnt...let me tell you something: It is but not.
Its maybe hard to grasp but if you know and love the gameplay which offers Skate you will feel home instantly, you flick the right stick and make an Ollie, You press LT or RT and make a grab, or both and a double grab.

What people dont get is how the LT and RT buttons work BEFORE you jumped from a ramp.
They act as prespin and the right stick, in combination with LT/RT, brings out different things.
So when you prepare an Ollie to jump from a ramp but press LT/RT before you jumped you will spin/flip because thats for what the buttons are.
Means: Hold Right Stick down, Press LT or RT down and when you want to pull the Ollie(Right Stick flicking up) you will make a Misty flip or a cork. Depends when you release RT/LT.

The Point with flips is now GONE. HB Studios updated the game and we can now control the flips way better, we can stop them and so on. I will let it stay but yeah. The problem is gone!

Grinds are well done too, it has some snapping but not too much. You can freely move your board on the rail with LS like at Skate, looks really cool. Especially combined with the physical bending of the board(in air too when you grab!). That looks really dope. What i miss is grabs when you grind but i get why they didnt included that, it would interfere with the prespin stuff.

You can ingame press Escape and bring up a tricklist with 12 pages when you are in a run(doesnt come up in freeroam on a mountain, hope devs will add that).

The graphics are nice, nearly everything looks fine for me,
beside the tree pop-in which happens very far away but can get a bit annoying if you look at it.
When you have time to look for that you play the game wrong anyway i think. ;)
I got no fps problems at all, very smooth and well made i must say.

Soundtrack has some nice tracks on it which range from rock to electro. But i have the feel they arent that many on it. Didnt found a tracklist either but im sure there is one track from the THPS series on it, atleast a cover from it. Not so epic like Boomfunk MCs - Freestyler at Steep but still epic ;)

The editor
Ok, the editor. Beside the gameplay itself i would say its the main part of the game.
It starts out with generating your mountain(hah! Thats why its named Infinite Air ;) ) and you can set different values for steepness, powder, wind, height and so on. You can enter a Seed which inflicts how the mountains get generated and a Name. And voila, your very own mountain only for you(until you Publish it for the whole world).

After that you can edit the mountain how you like with different props like rails, ramps, halfpipes, buildings, stones, trees and such things. You can change the snow and how its formed(sadly not a full terraforming) down to the mountain surface. You can do very much with it. Spend nearly the whole day on my mountain and i still only finished a small part. Details details!

But, there are things i really dislike too(i opened a thread in the forums with additions i would like to see), like that it is way too focused on a controller. Its sometimes hard to make minor changes or to snap things to the right thing.
Would be easier if they had focused more on a mouse/keyboard friendly editor. But i understand why it is like it is, they will sell a buttload more copies on console as on PC so they of course focused on it. I just hope they will further update the game with needed things for the editor and other things people bring up

They added a ReDo function which was really needed, hope more comes :emofdr:

Another plus point is that the team isnt that big and they are near to the community how it seems. You will see posts from different people of HB Games in the forums.

It makes so much fun to cruise around on the mountains and runs from players. Its fun to pull off some sick 1800° spin and next round you do some more simulation like run, its up to you how you drive.

All in all i can just give Infinite Air a YES. The price might be high but you will get some serious gametime out of it if you love Snowboard games. I already clocked a good amount of time in it and its just out for 2 days :D

Btw, you NEED a controller. The game isnt playable without one. Use x360ce when you dont have an xbox360/One controller. Ingame you can change the button style from Xbox to Playstation controller, that should help when you use a fake PS controller, in combination with x360ce. x360ce is a legit and old tool which many people use, google x360ce and the first site should be the right one(its .com). I myself have an xbox one controller, so cant say if it works flawless.

They added an option to remove the full HUD and the run markers. A very requested feature! Another point others critized is gone.
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