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Crazy4Blood Apr 29 @ 1:56pm 
+rep really cool and kind person!
Hg.Masa Mar 3 @ 8:44pm 
Whatever kid. Oh I'm sorry did I fucking trigger you? Were you fucking triggered you little cry baby? Fuck off. Literally saying not a fucking word to you and you're gonna fucking mute me because you have a problem with me just fucking talking shit in all chat? Honestly go fuck yourself to the highest fucking caliber you fucking asshole. So sick of little fucking bitches like you who fucking have a fucking opinion like you're fucking sitting over there like, oh I'm some fucking problem to you because I'm not even fucking saying a fucking word to you. Fuck off. You're a fucking bullshitter. Go fuck yourself. You ain't fucking nothing. That I'm fucking calling these fucking kids tryhards. You ain't fucking real kid. You ain't fucking real. You can make some fucking friends because "Oh, this guy's hormonal," pffft "Uh I'm gonna mute him," pffft fuck off. You're literally a fucking cancer on this fucking world kid. Never fucking forget it.
K Lou Feb 17 @ 12:51pm 
I now claim this Steam Profile as |BLUE| LAND!! *confetti* *moar biggerness confetti* *tiny dwindling confetti*
K Lou Sep 26, 2016 @ 9:40pm 
The first duty of every Tagless member is to the meme, whether it's the pepperone meme or the klondyke meme or the pizza post! It is the guiding principle on which Tagless is based. And if you can't find it within yourself to stand up and repeat the meme until it is stale, you don't deserve to wear that clan tag!
[o-t] K٥Яn™ Apr 22, 2016 @ 1:52pm 
My dad was in that unit dude,no shit....Viet Nam 67-71 MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam - Studies and Observation Group) i have never seen it done quite this way,i like it.When i seen this i about shit my pants,soggers don't really brag too much,i have only ever met 4 others in my life :) very cool dude.
Dillbear Mar 29, 2016 @ 10:41pm 
Kwikskype me fgt