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Chris   Copenhagen, Staden Kobenhavn, Denmark
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My great grandfather once told me 7 words, that meant so much to me that I'll never forget em.

They've insiped hope in me, since i was a wee little lad. He passed away soon after, so it means so much to me he said this.
"where's the toilet mate i gotta shit"

I'll never forget him. God bless his soul.[i/]

Also, if you want one of my 47 P250 Sand Dune's you can write to me at my business email, which is as follows.


And no I'm not ashamed of my business email. It reflects who i am.

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Frazer Jan 16 @ 2:00pm 
-Rep AN nerd
Kaylo Jan 14 @ 6:27pm 
+rep good friend my friend
Julian Nov 26, 2016 @ 7:21am 
-rep stole 2 knives from me: my left shadow dagger and my right one. >:(
[AN] Rusty Nov 25, 2016 @ 6:33am 
+rep He helped me tie up my rope to kill myself
ill never forget him
Frazer Nov 25, 2016 @ 6:14am 
chef = dead meme just like your dad and mum
Julian Nov 8, 2016 @ 1:34pm 
hey can we play some more Team Fortress 2 man like we used to do! :)