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Just a TF2 player
idk just funny stuff now i guess

rane is the best <3

Clippy the Paperclip : Nice walls Leif.

gay sausage: @Delief_ straight from the Squid Kids mouth, "Delief is biggest cock block and he is your carry"

(Bensiin gives me too many so I'm just putting my favourite)
8 inches of pure power : delief
8 inches of pure power : your lifes sad
8 inches of pure power : end it with a knife

oh4i : i wish i had a circlejerk medic delief

Disconnect: You have been banned by this server, check for more info.

2:47 PM - dio: well you clearly cheat
2:47 PM - dio: :candyman:

*SPEC* lau : you're a good sniper delief
<eyes begin to leak slightly>

crybaby: also your sniper is fucking god
ProkTeeFToo: his lmaobox is*

3:34 PM - Delief_: wait
3:34 PM - Delief_: my team has furries
3:34 PM - Delief_: im scared
3:34 PM - duckjacket: everyone
3:34 PM - duckjacket: in
3:34 PM - duckjacket: your
3:34 PM - duckjacket: team
3:34 PM - duckjacket: is
3:34 PM - duckjacket: a
3:34 PM - duckjacket: furry
3:34 PM - duckjacket: ESPECIALLY LUKE

*DEAD* Argaeus : sniper mains are subhumans
Argaeus : consider suicide

Darkemperor101 : omg fuck off delief the weeb is hacking
Darkemperor101 : stupid fucking weeb

(TEAM) dots : delief what does glue taste like

4:23 PM - Delief_ has changed their name to Danliefdere.
4:23 PM - phosphor: k
4:23 PM - phosphor: y
4:23 PM - phosphor: s

Delief_ : if i report myself for cheating will you ban me so i can put it on my profile for lols
[Admin] 21 pilots is shit : no cos you dont cheat
[Admin] 21 pilots is shit : you only sweat

Nexus: I know the difference between steeel and platinum
Nexus: Its atomic numbers

barako osama : !calladmin
[CALLADMIN] barako osama reported Delief_ for Aimbot
Messenger BunnyBOT - Today at 6:55 PM
Bunny Co. | Hightower Instaspawn (steam://connect/ # GM-85
barako osama (STEAM_0:1:58774620)
Delief_ (STEAM_0:0:34134749)

Tek. : we got a hacker ladies and gents
Tek. : if you havent figured out by now it's delifef

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paul Dec 4 @ 5:39am 
please do not xd on this profile
𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖔𝖓 Dec 4 @ 5:36am 
𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖔𝖓 Nov 28 @ 1:19am 
yea those fucking cheaters
OLD_DIRTY_KILLA Nov 25 @ 10:45pm 
Word up
Delief&lowbar; Nov 25 @ 10:42pm 
not interested my dude, thanks for the offer. GF