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BladeMaster Nov 1 @ 6:46am 
I'm posting here because people hate non docket or non Gemly link comments in that thread.
BladeMaster Nov 1 @ 6:44am 
2. Yes and no, yes because at low levels, you won't get the best weapons, the stats aren't huge and won't be most noticeable, also they'll break and become useless, refurbishing them isn't a good idea because by then you'll be higher level and all those weapons you obtained at lower ranks will become weaker. Weapons you get from nearly everything, including dockets, depend on your Survivor skill-tree. No because you can always farm dockets by replaying Bozak Horde, but this is best done after all your skill trees are maxed out excluding Legend skill-tree, because it is difficult for beginners and especially when you don't have infinite stamina from Power/Agility skill-trees.

3. So far there's only two kinds of dockets, dockets that give blueprints/outfit/paint jobs so generally skins, and dockets that give melee weapons. If you grabbed some of the Gemly stuff, those are skins, Premium dockets fall into melee weapons category, as well as Bozak dockets.
BladeMaster Nov 1 @ 6:44am 
To answer your questions -

1. Yes, all docket codes are single time usable. The dockets that give melee weapons are shared across all saves, at least Premium dockets are, and some of the bonus dockets as well, these are depleted across all saves and single save can consume it all, but dockets that give skins are separately given to all the saves. As an example you have 10 premium dockets and two saves, if your first save uses 8 of these, the second save will only have 2 left. But dockets that give skins won't disappear so all saves can use it.
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