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1 Timothy 4:4 "Everything is awesome!"

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Notable items I own / have owned:
Australium Frontier Justice []
Miami Nights Toy Soldier [] (Sold for a FT Isotope Blitzkrieg Pistol)
Strange Potassium Bonnet []
Isotope Blitzkrieg Pistol (Field-Tested) [] (Sold for 42 keys)
Arcana Trencher's Topper [] (One of a kind)
Purple Confetti Madame Dixie [] (Gifted to Bam Bam)
Strange Collector's Teddy Roosebelt [] (One of a kind, sold for 75 keys, Pro KS Aussie Flame Thrower, and The Ooze Soldered Sensei)
Max's Severed Head [] (Gifted to Fen)
Circling TF Logo Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet [] (Gifted to Red White nBlue)
Disco Beat Down Slick Cut [] (Gifted to Sweet Tee)
Clean Vintage Bill's Hat []
Strange Unusual HHHH []
Collector's Backbiter's Billycock [] (One of a kind, crafted myself, sold for 175 keys)
Orbiting Fire Vintage Merryweather [] (Gifted to hawkrum)
Steaming Soviet Gentleman [] (Gifted to Geno Fu)
The Ooze Soldered Sensei []
Strange Lumber from Down Under Sniper Rifle (Factory New) [] (One of a kind)

#21 Crafts I own / have owned:
Big Elfin Deal []
Jumper's Jeepcap [] (Sold for 3 keys)

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Broson: Chuggernaut Jan 17 @ 9:06pm 
I don't buy painted items.
Stormbow Jan 17 @ 6:06pm 
look my friend have a batters hel painted austraillium god and texas ten gallon painted Indubitably Green, are you interested
Stormbow Jan 17 @ 4:12am 
Feel free to find me again when you need items
Broson: Chuggernaut Jan 15 @ 7:41pm 
My Texas Slim's Dome Shine is not for sale.
LITtleGunner583 Jan 15 @ 7:01pm 
I want to buy a strange texas slim dome.
Stormbow Jan 15 @ 5:53pm 
a deal is a deal