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jyrkas; Jul 26 @ 6:06am 
Today me and my friend thought about a new way to play the 6s. Maybe someone already thought about it, but I didn't find any thread here, so I hope this can be the first. As we all know, in 6s there are 2 soldiers, a roamer and a pocket. Why don't exchange them with pyros? It can sound pretty crazy at the beginning, but if we think about a pocket, maybe with the phlog and the scorch shot, and a roamer with a degreaser (or the stock flamethrower) and a flaregun (or a detonator for more movement freedom), it can nearly become a real thing. Me and my friend thought about a pug to test it, if someone is interessed just comment down below.
The composition would be:
-2 pyros
-2 scouts
-1 demo
-1 med
This can always change after some pugs and some tests. Have a good day and thanks for reading all this stuff.
tundhander! Jul 12 @ 10:54am 
Yung Yähn Jun 7 @ 4:58am 
signed by the best czech republic spy jyrkas
jyrkas; Jun 3 @ 9:37am 
Yeah i know that we were salty, but it’s cancer game when you play perma sniper, so you learn to play competetive normally not like idiots. So please upload the demo