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jyrkas 12 hours ago 
Is having daughters the ultimate cuckoldry?

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually fuck her in every hole.
Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to fuck her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.
geri May 19 @ 10:55am 
jyrkas May 12 @ 7:37am 
Like, honestly, I know that there are only few cancer/toxic tf2 players, but they are the ones most heard. Why would you want to be cancer/toxic? TF2 is still just a game, made to have fun and enjoy time spent on it, it doesn't matter if you are playing with a shitty player, you are still playing the game and you should enjoy it and if you are not enjoying it you can always just quit the game. If you are getting angry that someone is not doing something that they should either say them what they are doing wrong (don't be a douche while saying it) or quit.
Darciel May 7 @ 4:17pm 
op soldier
valve pliss nerf
jyrkas Apr 30 @ 9:44am 
lol, stop being salty. "this is awful, you are awful" is nice constructive critism, I see that you really understand the game, even more when I look at the teams that you played in and matches you played in comp tf2. I honestly don't know what is your problem, but whatever. I do not think that skill means pure damage, stats mean shit. You can do plenty in the game and still have not so good stats. Yep, you beat med main on mge while not hitting airshots and killing me when I was not moving. I can see that you are really good player and am very sorry for annoying you with my existence.

Thanks for being salty and calling others bad even when you know shit about them. I am very glad we have players like you in the community of tf2, helps the game a lot.
k Apr 18 @ 6:54am 
only 90s kids will get this