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I wish there were a Neutral option for reviews, but anyway - I ONLY recommend this game if you have a pretty decent song library in your computer. Why? Lemme explain:

[h1] YouTube Fiasco [/h1]

This game used Soundcloud to stream songs for us to play back in the day - a.k.a couple months ago, but, after Soundcloud ceased any applications from using its services, the developer, Dylan, had a few weeks to think about what he was going to do with this game, and honestly, he's lucky his game is great as it is, because Audiosurf 2 was almost unplayable for one week or so as a result of it.

After a while, he decided to switch AS2's music streaming from Soundcloud to YouTube, which was okay-ish in my book at the start, since it was a brand new feature and we were able to play again, but, unfortunately... that didn't turned out as expected.

Now AS2 relies on YouTube to do the same job Soundcloud used to do... but, you see, there's one big problem - YouTube is disturbingly buggy.
Aside from the little video at the bottom of the screen that annoys some people, the known bugs so far are - freezing issues, crashes, lag spikes, and apparently compatibility issues with Macs. Oh yeah, we still don't have new Songs of the Day either, but the Popular tab is doing fine by now, at least in my opinion.

However, from a competitive person point of view, my biggest gripe with this game now is - if you play any video directly from YouTube, say like any song from the Popular tab - the game may or may not change your block pattern to a completely different one every time you restart the song! And this includes ALL the multipliers as well.

As a result, competing for records turns from a very rewarding experience to a freaking nightmare, simply because some patterns have fewer blocks and/or multipliers in other places of the song, which royally screws you, the player, trying to beat an old score or any chance of snatching a spot on the global leaderboards. Sometimes you will get a great pattern that might work in your way, but, I wouldn't count on that happening.

By the way, I've been noticing that the block patterns usually changes every week, so if you ever play some Popular song and, out of nowhere, some dude jumps from like, 325k points to 360k without any reachable multiplier in your current track, then you'll know they're playing a different version of the song.
I don't really know why it happens, but it may have something to do with how YouTube process its audio streams.

Here are some pictures to back up my statement. []
It is the exact same song: Jack Conte - Daft Punk Skrillex Remix and game mode is Mono.

I think I've played at least 6 different versions of this song and so far NO subsequent version comes close to beat my personal best in comparison to the "original" one I previously played, also the one where I got my best score.

Anyway, if you don't care about fighting for spots on the leaderboards, then you shouldn't worry too much about this whole YouTube audio streaming debacle. The bugs aren't as common as this review may lead you to think, but they happen every now and then and they might crap all over your game, so keep that in mind.

Some other points:

[h1] PROS [/h1]

[*] Great community! I made some good friends in and out of this game. Also, if you're competitive, be prepared to make some rivals as well. Dethrone and be dethroned!

[*] TONS of different game modes. Workshop included.

[*] Hundreds of different user made skins to choose from the workshop.

[*] Probably the best time sinker/waster I've ever played. It's THAT good. The leaderboards made everything better in my eyes.

[*] Very addicting. I lost count of how many times I said this exact sentence "3am... alright, just another song".

[*] Forgiving and rewarding learning curve if you're willing to spend time understanding the mechanics of any given mode you might be interested in playing. In my opinion, this is more of a puzzle game rather than a rhythm game.

[*] This might be redundant but you can play any audio file you want in this game, even podcasts, interviews or whatever you want to!

[h1] CONS [/h1]

[*] The developer is MIA.

[*] The free demo is unplayable for some people.

[*] Some of the YouTube bugs are yet to be fixed.

[*] YouTube's audio streaming system as a whole.

[*] A few YouTube songs (e.g Heathens by twenty one pilots) are desynchronized and currently there's no real way to "fix" the desync problem.

[*] Sometimes RNG is going to take a dump all over your score. God damn it, endless middle blocks.


...and since you're still reading this review, then yes, buy this game - both from a casual play and from a hardcore headhunter standpoint. This will keep you entertained for months.

Now, if you're a competitive person, then you shouldn't have too many problems fighting for positions on leaderboards using your own music files.... I mean, only if you manage to find unbeatable scores because *perhaps* the 1st place used a different version of the same song, but that doesn't happen too often - at least in my experience.

You're gonna find tons of players with different files of the same song but almost all files follow a similar pattern, whereas they balance each other in terms of multipliers and block placement along the track. However, you're gonna stumble upon some crazy scores out there - just reminding you of the possibility.

Oh yeah, before I forget. Hey yo, Dylan! Please, come back to Audiosurf 2, will ya?

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