8K Deathy
Pier-Alexandre Beauregard   Quebec, Quebec, Canada
ESEA [play.esea.net]
Other ESEA [play.esea.net]
UGC [www.ugcleague.com]

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I'm deathy
I play games. I try to be nice.

Competitive TF2 Experience:
ESEA-O S14 - French-Canadian Cuisine (Pocket/Demo)
ESEA-O S17 - Pinoy Boys (Pocket/Scout)
ESEA-IM S18 - Pinoy Boys (Pocket)
ESEA-IM S19 - Alpaca with Computer (1 match as pocket)
ESEA-IM S19 - Pizzagon eSports (All-Class backup -- 3rd place IM!!! :squirtooh:)
ESEA-IM S20 - Pizzagon eSports (Pocket -- 2nd place!!! :smug:)
ESEA-Invite S21 - Running with Scizors (Pocket -- 6th place :squirtyay:)
ESEA-Invite S22 - Running with Scizors (Pocket -- 6th place :squirtyay:)
ESEA-IM S23 - Running from Mustard (Pocket/Demo - 1ST PLACE CHAMPIONS :trophy:)

FACEIT - 1st cup CHAMPION :trophy:
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"Do you feel the broccoli coursing through your veins?" - Deathy 2k18
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Deathy: No fat shaming, but I like my glasses of water thicc