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Andrei   Ukraine
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My TF2 Inventory [] #2 rank

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WARNING: I am currently being impersonated, please exercise caution
Scammer #1 Scammer #2 Scammer #3 Scammer #4 Block them on steam now to avoid problems in future
It's my ONLY account, Steam lvl 175+
I have clean SteamRep [] unlike people impersonating me.
I will never send you an unsolicited trade offer, or add you to provide middleman services.
I will never offer you Paypal, OpSkins, etc.
I will never have private inventory or profile.
TradeGlobal Site is scamming people using my name. No, im not a bot and No, i wont give you any skins.
I don't take any responsibility for anyone who fall for an impersonator. Be careful

steamname: DedAndrei | TF2 & CSGO Trading
steam3ID: [U:1:165525432]
steamID32: STEAM_0:0:82762716

No random adding please. Always leave a comment before adding me.
Do not beg.
Leave a comment on my profile if i dont respond you. I have really bad internet connection on my phone so i may just not get your message so commenting would be easier for both sides
Use trade offer on simple trades.
Do not ask for trade back.
I will block all scammers/people with SR reports for scam/private bp who wants to add me

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Buying Quicksells
I'm buying QUICKSELL unusuals. Must be at least 30% off. If you have one send me trade offer
Buying CSGO knifes and skins for 80-83% of average market prices in csgo keys! Price can be different depends on item specifics. If you have one send me trade offer

I can sell my items through Steam Market if you provide the fee (%15)

Important about me:
Steam lvl 175+.
Only trading account.
Trading 2 years & 1 month, started of scrap. Deal with it.
1 of top on Maybe im not richest in tf2, we all know DCG and Bob but yeah, my inventory not that bad.
Mod on Wanted trade Servers.
Yes, im ukrainian.
Over 5000 hours in tf2
Over 1600 hours in csgo but i still play bad
Did tons of give aways.
Wasted over 1000 keys unboxing, got 3 unusuals.

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Electrify your foes with this stunning effect. (Do not touch!)

Update (11th December 2015): Decided to contribute the effect to the Iron Gauntlet collection.

Update (29th December 2015): Updated the effect
4,447 ratings
Status - Accepted for Game, Created by - Tobbby™
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Created by - fox and FRiZZoh #777#
Knife guide explaining the variety of skin patterns available in CS:GO.
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-GoV- Community - Public Group Community Italiana Multigaming
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Vast knows how to do this well
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Kibo 4 hours ago 
pls i want one any of em i just want one :cc
Kibo 4 hours ago 
gimme one of those unus :ccc
Kibo 4 hours ago 
gimme one :c
Fauxien 7 hours ago 
Sent an offer for a few unusuals ;)
Flae 10 hours ago 
My C. hearts milkman for 23 keys and 8 ref?