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Hello. I am not known to accept many game requests.

As of now, if you really want to add me as a friend, add davidjl1234 (my alt) for now because I have no friend spots left.

Formerly known as: luo.david099

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tfw no pony gf :( Jul 20 @ 6:57am 
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Blank Face Jul 17 @ 8:04am 
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Etsubatsu Jun 27 @ 8:14am 
you fool. you absolute buffoon. you think you can challenge me in my own realm? you think you can rebel against my authority? you dare come into my house and upturn my dining chairs and spill coffee grounds in my Keurig? you thought you were safe in your chain mail armor behind that screen of yours. I will take these laminate wood floor boards and destroy you. I didn’t want war. but i didn’t start it.
Etsubatsu Jun 26 @ 6:26pm 
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finesse king Jun 16 @ 9:49am 
I dont know wut happened but i think this fuking possible phaggot mightve turned me gay. i think i caught the gay from him wtf im not gay i love women so as i was leaving the train i gave him an angry look and said phaggot under my breath and tried to hide my fully grown erention. ffs gay people shouldnt be allowed to be so burley and tempting to straight guys like me who just want to be normal.
finesse king Jun 16 @ 9:49am 
I was riding the train home from a hard squat workout and my legs were jelly, i was also wearing thin shorts, well the train stopped abruptly and i fell ass first into a burly middle aged man's lap and he quickly grabbed my hips to help push me up but my legs were fried from squats and i couldnt get up right away so i bounced back on his lap and felt his thick man rod on my ass.

The feeling was so weird and spectacular at the same time, i finally managed to get up and i quietly said thanks, he then gave me a smile. The rest of the train ride back i dont know what happened to me but i kept staring at him and his crotch and i would look away if he caught me lookin. And i also kept catching myself licking my lips a lot and kinda sticking my butt out.