Hereford and Worcester, United Kingdom (Great Britain) : PROKY#21496
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"Porky, a snipermain himself looking for a top high team while he was the worst player on his team in mid. I have to compliment him though, moving to sub was a good call for your team. Jelly was a good pickup"

Dont ask me to play 6s mixes:
autism lolli: the only reason you play it is because youre a garbage scout
autism lolli: dumb nigger
autism lolli: sniper main autist
雪橇犬: !rcon kick PORKY
autism lolli: stfu porky
autism lolli: nigger

ETF2L HL Open - dingus party poopers
UGC s14 Steel - Want fries with that?
UGC s15 Steel - Want fries with that? - 4th
ETF2L s7 Div 6 - Muder Inc.
UGC s16 Silver - Budget Toucans - 2nd
ETF2L One night cup #6 Mid-Low - 2nd
ETF2L One night cup #7 Mid
ETF2L s8 Open - Budget Toucans - 3rd
UGC s17 Gold - Budget Toucans - 2nd
ETF2L s9 Mid - Budget Toucans - 3rd
UGC s18 Platinium - Budget Toucans - 5th
ETF2L s10 High - Budget Toucans - 2nd
UGC s19 Platinium - Budget Toucans - 8th
ETF2L s11 High - GODL - 11th (Dropped week 6)
ETF2L s11 Premiership - Budget Toucans - 4th
UGC s21 Platinium - Economic Broccoli - 5th
ETF2L Highlander Season 12 Preseason Cup: High Bracket - Feila - 1st
ETF2L s12 Premiership - Feila - ???

ETF2L s20 Open - Donger Squad - Scout
ETF2L s21 Open - Crisperinos - Med
UGC s18 Steel - Crisperinos - Med - 5th
UGC s19 Platinium - Crisperinos - Med - 5th
ETF2L s22 Open - EU Gimmicks - Med/Scout
ETF2L s24 Open - Less Than Three - Scout - 3rd
ETF2L s25 Mid - FRESHAVACADO - Scout - 18th
i58 TOMATO STORM - Open Group - Scout - 12th
ETF2L s26 Mid - FRESHAVACADO - Scout - 14th

My Bae

porky: brb i'm gunna go get dressed
porky: i am not butt naked btw if you were wondering
Chronos: would it be bad if i was?

goodbye my friend []

Monitor: BenQ XL2411, 144Hz
CPU: Intel Core i5-6600 @ 3.3/3.9GHz
Motherboard: Asus Z170-P
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 Founders Edition 8 GB
RAM: Kingston HyperX 16 GB 2133 MHz
HDD: Toshiba 3.5'' 1TB
SSD: Kingston 250GB
PSU: Corsair VS550
Case: GT1-inwin

Simpatia: I can beat most of prem snipers maybe because im prem level
Simpatia: you don't think?

20:03:41 scrambled_tf : another bunch of people that don't deserve prem getting carried by joe xD
20:03:41 scrambled_tf : this time its porky
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Take me back we need to do more Fucked up YouTube Videos xd
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Is that a meme from 2 0 1 1?
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Hi, i really really enjoy your disney toy reviews i was hoping you could accept my friend add
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added for shrek roleplay
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notices your resumé OwO what's this?
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According to Puff Daddy, "More money, more problems - it's just the way it is". Now consider the relation between money - 'm' - and problems - 'p'.
Say you earn $20.50 per hour, this can be written as:
dm/dt = 20.5
The relationship between problems and money would be:
p = ln(m)
Let's look at the rate at which money brings problems. By differentiation:
dp/dm = 1/m
Then by the Chain Rule, the rate at which time brings problems is:
dp/dt = 20.5 x 1/m = 41/(2m)
So, how much money do you need so that you have 0.2 problems per hour?
Well, if dp/dt = 1/5; then we equate 41/(2m) = 1/5. This gives m to be 102.5. Therefore, to have 0.2 problems per hour, you would need $102.50.