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Sup everyone, I'm !nfusOH / El Papi / El Babbi.

The Vatican's a shithole, ye, but that doesn't mean that I live in it. I currently speak three languages: Italian, English, French. Except that I don't want to speak french because I'm afraid to spell words wrongfully. In reality, I live in Turin, but I tend to go on a looooong ass vacancy to the Vatican. Wait, what's that? You wanna add me? Fine then, just don't be a naughty boy or a friend collector, that'd be a good reason for me not to add you. Oh, and, if you hate some of my closest friends, don't expect me to add you or even keep you in the list. Here's a lil' list that may help you in case I don't reply:

Online - Talk to me all day if you wanna, I'm bored.
Offline - Easy as pie: I'm sleeping or studying.
Playing a Game - Don't expect me to reply if I'm playing an RTS or CSS.
Busy - Don't send me messages. Please.
Away - You can send me messages, but I won't reply till I'm online.

I love playing CSS with pals and having 1v1s on aim maps. I mostly play JB or Aim_ maps, I really ain't into stock maps for now. If you wanna add me for 1v1s, go ahead.

I also have a PS3, a Wii and a Phone, but that's none of your business.

Needless to say that I don't tolerate serious racism and discrimination in my comments section. Be a good boy or be a blocked one.

I also own a chatting/gaming group, such as Gustav Crew. I'm a co-owner and it's an italians-only group. Sorry, teapots. If I don't reply, don't spam. You do know that it'll get you removed, do ya? Don't be a cunt neither to me or my closest friends, except if sarcastic. Keep a civil attitude with me and who's around me, and you'll be just fine.

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CancerKazoo Nov 6 @ 2:30pm 
└📁El Babbi
└⚠️The Power Of Power Of The P-Whatever we found a virus about...P O W E R
Planci Oct 30 @ 11:13am 
zao sono un sojjetto autistico al quale piace fare i kruppi democratici (quelli belli xd) dove cago il casso (la censura altrimenti gesù e la chiesa mi fustigano xd) ai FINOCCHI DI MERDA BRUTTTI BRUTTI PFOOH e vari infedeli pagani etc.
pls ascoltate il mio pianto disperato e uscite da Gustav Kriu, siccome ho bisogno di più accompagnatori per via del mio ritardo mentale
CancerKazoo Oct 30 @ 6:55am 
Oh 🅱️oi, ir comz de supah 🅱️oiz.
CancerKazoo Oct 26 @ 11:21am 
Baffo Oct 22 @ 5:17am 
CancerKazoo Oct 16 @ 5:15am 
Grz per il dono. Mai boi