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I am the god of potatoes. All must bow to me or I will turn you into a potato.
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Lunarus (166 days til bday) Aug 21 @ 6:36pm 
super salty salt man
[SRB]SerbianBlazer18 Apr 5 @ 12:37pm 
true man thanks for agree
Da Spud Lord Apr 5 @ 12:36pm 
I don't like Overwatch nor Paladins more. I play Paladins occasionally, but as you can see by the fact that I play much more TF2 than Paladins, I love TF2 much more than Paladins, and I don't even have Overwatch (although I would play it if I had the chance, it seems like an interesting game), but just like with Paladins, I would probably shortly return to TF2. TF2 is a much better game IMO, it's been out longer and has had more time to perfect itself. Overwatch and TF2 can coexist. Two different games in the same genre can coexist. There's nothing wrong with that. Let me ask you this: Aside from the incredibly basic gameplay mechanic of having multiple classes, what is one obvious thing that Overwatch stole from TF2? I'll wait.
[SRB]SerbianBlazer18 Apr 5 @ 12:33pm 
go fuck yourself and stop playing tf2 if you like overwatch and paldins more you DUMBASS!