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ninjano lego was my favorite event fr lego universe because there were ninjas and there were legod, snf it was really fun to the the challenges with legos and ni njas, thus being shortened to ninjago. unfortunatley, free realms shut down the next year and i have been without social interaction or love for years now. i have to take copious amounts of smartie dust to handle my loss of compassion. reality itself turned sideways, and all the sudden i was in the middle of the mojave, just me and my dog named sierra-117.the waves eveloped me and i felt the lungs slipping out of my air, only to find that lumber can be used for many things, including construction, paper production and ballroom dancing|

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Finally if u would make all dlc free...Many more people would buy payday2 :D just a tip but payday2 for life
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-rep lied to me i thought we were friends apparently not i cant believe you im unfriending you im sorry it was my fault forgive me lets be friends again ok thats all water under the bridge +rep good friend
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buy me dark souls 3 XDDD
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+rep truley EPIC gamer!!