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hey im a pretty cool dude if you can get past the fact thats im not a pretty cool dude, here are some fun facts about me

-i have never fully mastered the technique of breathing
-i can program a commodore 64
-im the only real one in this universe
-i understand the subtle humor of pickle rick
-my name is not jeff
-i skipped two grades
-i may or may not be addicted to candy corn
-black licorice is better than red
-i solved the meaning of human existance but it keeps slipping my mind
-i am a black belt-level martial artist
-i read every book that had ever been worth being read
-i memorize songs on my first listen
-no you cant borrow my sock monkey its mine and thats final
-i am a better AWPer than any mortal (or otherwise)
-i'm scared of needles
-rice tastes good with butter
-i have the BIGGEST collection of roblox memorabilia the world over
-i have watched the matrix at least a hundred times
-i'm way cooler than this looser
-after two days of playing overwatche i had become #1 worldwide
-i haven't wasted hours of my life on hotline miami or it's sequel
-china numba wan

das bin ich!
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“Haven’t wasted hours of my life on Hotline Miami or its sequel.”
Well at least I haven’t wasted over 400 hours of my life on payda— oh wait I’ve done double that.
Nevermind sir, fair point
the big goof Sep 20 @ 5:42am 
When it's your favorite game in your heart and soul
when you havent even played 30 minutes of a game but you put it as your favorite game
the big goof Sep 11 @ 6:09pm 
eat fungus
-rep does not own deep space waifu
not willing to bargain, I'd rather decimate your realm instead