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Hello. Welcome to my profile
I love playing engineer but are often forced to play pyro... Cuz ya know spies.
And tryharders kys! don't ruin it for everyone else asshole!
Yes, i like kemono friends! Deal with it!

If you want to trade please read the rules below!

Trading rules!
1: Be patient! If you sent an offer i will likely respond quick cuz im often on my phone and check my steam.
2: Be kind and polite! If your nice to me its more likely for me to accept the trade faster!
3: Dont be a scammer! If i suspect you for attempt scam, I will remove you immediately.
4: Dont beg me for items! I only give/lend items to really close friends that i can trust.
5: If paying in items, Overpay is needed! The overpay price is depending if the items you offer is easily sold or just intresting to me.

If you have any problems feel free to add me but please either tell me in the comments why you added me or just say through a message!

Youtube chanel:
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Twitter: @Darktype935

Trade offers:
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Gamertag on Xbox:
MP Rarity

And if anyone want to play Overwatch or add me on send me a message!

Thats all i gonna share. hope i see you on the battlefield! :toriel: :spycon: :sentry:
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For your info!
A few tips being friends with me is:
1. Set a nickname on me! Cuz i switch name a lot and i will not tell when i switch cuz i aint have time for that!

2. If you are really consider me as a friend. You should know i have no tolerance against betrayals of any kind! I prefer to have honest friends.

3. I barerly talk first. So if you want to chat with me. You have to be the first one to start.

And for the love of god! Dont beg for items or try to scam me!

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Skye 21 hours ago 
Have a nice week :bbtcat:
>=DarkoHawk=< Feb 17 @ 6:29am 
+rep really cool guy and good player :3
:D Feb 10 @ 7:55am 
yaay Darktype is da best friend ever
Serval Feb 1 @ 7:18am 
really? thanks :)
Serval Feb 1 @ 2:27am 
it is on my wish list so ye
Serval Jan 21 @ 9:08pm