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Logitech z906 THX 5.1 speakers
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2x PS4 controllers (connected to PC via 2xPS4 DS4 USB Wireless Adapters)
1x crappy Rapoo branded Keyboard
1x crappy Rapoo branded Mouse
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Created by - ∫ Saki ∫ and DarkSamus
This save will unlock 100% trials, 100% colors, 100% icons & all 1024 Prize Code Titles and 94 EX1/2/3 titles.

Note that this save will NOT unlock any DLC you do not own and it will not give you any advantage playing others online.
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RE4UHD Playstation/X360/PC Button Mods (Multiple Configurations Available)
By DarkSamus
RE5 Playstation Button Mod (3 Versions included) - UPDATED FOR GOLD EDITION
By DarkSamus
RE6 PlayStation Button Mod
By DarkSamus
SSF4AE/USF4 Playstation Button Mod
By DarkSamus
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XxRaPiD4K3LLERxX 8 hours ago 
Have a great weekend! Hope you enjoy getting spooked by RE7
Take care!
+rep Nice guy!
(You can delete my other profile as your friend if you need more friend slots available.)
DarkSamus Jan 15 @ 2:11am 
I have zero control over what happens outside of Street fighter and resident evil foroms
Yojinbo用心棒 Jan 15 @ 1:36am 
I understand greatly you aren't the only mod but from what I understand you are more regarded as one of the respected ones which is why i came to you and hope that you can understand.

I've had issues with mods before and for very legitimate reasons some even going as far as to threaten my own account which was pretty disgusting by any standards because I did try to talk to him on some of the issues and the way he dealt with situations involving myself.

This however isn't just about myself, these things can happen to anyone on steam and that is the entire point here.
Yojinbo用心棒 Jan 15 @ 1:31am 
have tried to contact you regarding a post you need to look at very carefully but either you seem to be purposefully ignoring it or are not going to address it. the said thread is located here, please when someone reports something it would be nice if it gets addressed like 10+ hours after said report. Cheers!

Hoss Jul 20, 2015 @ 8:24am 
Message me when you're online, got a question.
Hoss Jul 17, 2015 @ 8:33pm 

Ignore Chain Smoker, it's Mic_Blades. I'm sure you've seen your fair share of him lol.