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DARKKi's Dark Star Reviews - 8-Bit Hordes

Petroglyph[www.petroglyphgames.com](which members created original Command & Conquer among other classic RTS's and new ones like Grey Goo) strikes again after the success of 8-Bit Armies with great 8-Bit Hordes!

This time we go into fantasy theme in vein of Warcraft instead of modern combat. It is basic Orcs versus Humans settings with "simple" gameplay without all the gimmicks modern RTS's use. Both races have their own campaign with 24 missions (and you can also play co-op which has 12 missions among with Skirmish and Multiplayer (up to eight players). If you also own 8-Bit armies your factions and maps can be used in both games which is really nice and exotic touch! Also worth mentioning is that tutorial / help in this game is amazingly done. Tutorial shows you the basics and then there is "help" menu where everything is explained and also you can view videos for everything and also shows what units / building need to be built in order to build something more advanced. Units behave rock, paper & scissors style. And with mouseover with units it tells what it is good for so GUI / UI is top notch.

Playstyle in 8-bit Armies goes back to roots of classic RTS games like original Warcraft where you start with just your base and after building certain structure you have access to more structures and units. There is not any upgrades in buildings or research to do so you expand your base, build your army and decimate your enemy. Simple, fun and refreshing.

Campaign has no story, just seperate missions, but every mission has three objectives that you can try to do which give you something from unlocking new units, adding some starting units or cash and many more things which is really strong point in campaign IMO since you really gain something when you get that mission in gold and get all the bonuses (plus hidden crates and such) and it is worth backtracking missions if you see that you cannot get that mission on gold just try it later when you have more things unlocked (this style of mechanism is often used in tower-defense games if you are familiar with them). Like the classic RTS games this is easy to learn but hard to master!

Game itself like the name suggests has retro style graphics which are voxels in this case and it looks amazing (And if you have played 8-bit Armies it is an step-up in graphics department). Also you can destroy almost everything on map. Music is also top-notch!

Rating and Should you buy this game


Gameplay has been balanced pretty good. Campaign is pretty fun with the whole unlocking objectives mechanic and co-op mission is always an great addition! And voxel graphics look pretty damn good along with superb music. So if you are new to RTS's, want to get that original Warcraft feel again or want easy/more casual to get in RTS just buy the game right now! :]

Also i cannot wait what 8-Bit XXXXXX we get next! This is growing to be an succesful series!

And for those that want this same experience but in C&C settings check out 8-Bit Armies!


  • Great looking voxel graphics (upped from 8-Bit Armies)
  • Great soundtrack!
  • Co-op campaign!
  • Easy to learn but hard to master
  • Good campaign with objectives that unlocks that adds much depth to game and is an really good mechanism
  • You can destroy almost everything you see!
  • Good AI
  • Full interoperability with 8-Bit Armies' factions and maps

  • At this time there were not many people playing the game online which might chance in future
  • No building rotation
  • Needs more factions! (There should be coming more in future)
  • Timers on some campaign missions are really frustrating / hard

Hardware Information

AMD FX-8350 @ 4,7GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 MSI Gaming 4GB Edition - Overclocked
16GB DDR3 1333MHz @ 1830Hz
Xbox One and Playstation 3 Contollers
Windows 10 Pro 64bit


Source of consideration: I got this game for review purposes but it does not influence my opinion

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