Deamon - Skins: 73% Keys: 2.16
This is my ONLY account, all other accounts are scamming impersinators.
Write in comments why you add me on steam! (Read rules below) Snapchat: Deamon1337
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Deamon gifferino
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Selling keys for 2$ each with bitcoin (1000keys+).
Selling skins for 72-74% bulk(s) with bitcoin (1000$+).
Buying anything for 50% market price for keys, send me tradeoffers.
I got more items if you are interested. (0.5$-unlimited)
-> My Rep thread <-
Don't add me for no reason please!
Always comment why you add me! (I will NOT accept beggers or random people)
I'm only selling skins for Bitcoins.
I'm not accepting trades. (I'm not doing skins for skins)
Only selling bulk(s) 1000+ skins. (1000$+)
I don't sell skins separately. (Only full inventory)
I got more items if you are interested. (0.5$-unlimited)
-> My Rep thread <-
Thank you for your understanding!
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MORAHAN 15 мин. назад 
added to design a logo! im a designer
JapE <33 час назад 
Added for key buy
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Add because of keys
hi, i'm looking to puchase skins for btc. Added you regarding that.
アルセン✅ 3 ч. назад 
trade please knife PLS!!!!
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