This is my ONLY account, all other accounts are scamming impersinators.
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Don't add me for no reason please!
Always comment why you add me! (I will NOT accept beggers or random people)
I'm only selling skins for Bitcoins & Ethereum.
I'm not accepting trades. (I'm not doing skins for skins)
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Thank you for your understanding!
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I'm only selling skins for Bitcoins & Ethereum .
I don't sell skins separately. (Only full inventory)
Selling keys for ---$ each (1000keys+).
Selling skins for ---% bulk(s) (1000$+).
I don't sell skins separately . (Only full inventory)
I got more items if you are interested. (0.5$-unlimited)
-> My Rep thread <-

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Fractical csgoboss 10 órája 
added to buy Huntsman Knife | Case Hardened via btc
Fox21_CZ 10 órája 
Hello Deamon. Please give me any knife...
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keby tak teraz dostal vac
tEES jún. 27., 8:45 
Please give a knife , any
АНТОНИНА jún. 27., 1:55 
Hello, my name is Vaga, if you can give me one knife please, even the cheapest one, I'm just not very rich and I do not have enough money, just my friends hate me and say that I'm a loser. give me please.
БОТ камазик jún. 26., 13:14 
I want knifeeeeeeeeeee