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#Legacy - #D = D | Some things are worth waiting for.

Анонимность является ключом к выживанию
Lifes too short, treat everyday like its your last.
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Hello, I'm the founding owner of, if you have any issues, please use the livechat located on our website as I don't normally accept people on steam without good reason. If you wish to add me and you're from Horizon, then please comment below what issue you're having and I'll get back to you.

Website - []

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:BlackHat: - Me? - I will most likely know you before you even find out I exist.
:BlackHat: - Stalking? - Welcome, you wont find much.
:BlackHat: - Time? - Catching my attention is easy, keeping my interest is harder.
:BlackHat: - You know me? - You may think you know me, you don't.
:BlackHat: - Change? - Love me or hate me, I wont change for anyone.

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:BlackHat: - Name - James
:BlackHat: - Age - Old Enough
:BlackHat: - Origin - United Kingdom (I no longer live in the UK as of 2015)
:BlackHat: - Life Status - Private
:BlackHat: - Why? - Everything I do is done for a reason, always remember that.
:BlackHat: - Mean? - Ill always treat others the same way they treat me.
:BlackHat: - How? - That'd be telling, so don't ask.

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:BlackHat: - Don't ask personal shit, you'll only see my personal side if i trust you.
:BlackHat: - Trust is an issue so watch yourself.
:BlackHat: - Don't bother adding without commenting first.
:BlackHat: - Check my XMPP in regards to services.
:Blackhat: - If you have me added on my main, don't add / comment on this account.

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Smokey Mar 13 @ 10:07am 
Fattest fuck ever. That's coming from a fat fuck.
NotSarah. Mar 8 @ 3:56pm 
TFW when you get carried by a GN russian (x_x) [ Low fps isn't an excuse btw ;) ]
Kendama165 Mar 3 @ 10:36am 
Why did you remove me again? what have I done to you?
Incognito Mar 3 @ 9:41am 
Ya fkn wot.. You da bitch not me! Get on your main for once instead of using my damn alts :p
NotSarah. Mar 3 @ 3:51am 
Incoooggg! stop ignoring me bitch & re-add me on this acc plox ;c </3
juangomez Mar 3 @ 1:24am 
+rep Crazy mf