Gabby/CrateZ/CZ/-czy   Singapore
Hello! I main Sniper/Scout/Spy. Started Competitive TF2 in the year 2012.
A.K.A 'The Asian Bloodsire' by some
Some people ask me, why do I prefer HL over 6v6. The Answer? Because there are easier classes to snipe there. Also due to the fact I cant snipe scouts with my incredibly low sens at point blank range.

Thanks To:
Westdar - Fast Learner
Error - Gifted Pink Billycock
Varinn - Genuine Lone Star
Viser - Hurt Locher
Fanzone - Gifted F.Jarate [Renamed "Piss Of Shit"]
cyrus - Black Bills
Bryan - Gifted Gen. Lab Hat
YuriSunshine - Killer Exclusive
chop - Festive SMG, Gut Knife Ultraviolet MW
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"What`s true and what IS, aren't always the same thing"
"Legends are all to do with the past and nothing to do with the present"

Stay the hell away,
While I sit here by myself
And figure out how I got this way

I have quit any proper gaming. Gonna move on with life now. Juggling college life and a long distance relationship isn't easy. See you next time.

Rocket League Rank [rltracker.pro]
Thanks error for my featured frags <3
My oMg Moment
Turn by error (1:27~1:33){2:20~3:06)
Kip.TV for casting
Casted Match for Professional Leaking Services vs Alliance Supreme

My Competitive History

UGC Highlander
UGC HL Season 8 - Mech18x
UGC HL Season 9 - Reckless People
UGC HL Season 10 - ^1Re^6fl^9ex
UGC HL Season 11 - Professional Leaking Services
UGC HL Season 12 - Lenny Face Team
UGC HL Season 13 - The Hookers
UGC HL Season 14 - Virtual Factor
UGC HL Season 15 - Team International Flanking United
UGC HL Season 16 - Underscore V2
UGC HL Season 17 - In Da Klub
UGC HL Season 21 - SIALAS

UGC 6v6
UGC Platinum 6v6 Season 14 - Not Your Average Asshole [2nd Place]
UGC 6v6 Season 18 - Let's Go On VACation

UGC 4v4
UGC Gold 4v4 Season 4 - Virtually [2nd Place]
UGC Gold 4v4 Season 5 - Virtually [3rd Place]
UGC 4v4 Season 7 - Virtually

Other Leagues
Starhub Eclub Orange Mania 2013 - SISC [Sniper]
Asia E-Sports National League (AESNL) - The Law
AsiaFortress Royals Cup - Bullshit Tek Based Game - 1st Place
AsiaFortress Cup Div 2 - arte et marte
Ready Steady Pan Season 3 - Pan Force 6

My In-Game Sens -
TF2 Sens - 33inch/360 - 83.82cm/360 [My Mousepad is 45cm Wide]
CS:GO Sens - 35.43inch/360 - 90cm/360

Rocket League Camera Settings -
FOV - 110
Distance - 300
Height - 110
Angle - -5.0
Stiffness - 0
Swivel Speed - 1

I use Keyboard and mouse to play. Space for jump and Left Click for boost.

SteelSeries Rival 100

Corsair Strafe RGB [Browns]
X-Falcon Z-77 [Blues]
Ducky Shine 3 TKL [Reds]

Other Things about me
- My osu! account if anybody cares [osu.ppy.sh]
- NEVER mention anything about my mom to me.
- I used to play Highnoon 1(iPhone game) under the ign 'Ᏼ✪ᎦᎦ™ ⚔QuixotiC⚔'
- I'm a deredere
- My Personality Trait is ESFJ [i.gyazo.com]
- Retired TF2 Competitive Player
- Thanks hunter for discovering my talent for having a retarded voice 8)
- I have rsi and i blame osu for that

Things I HATE
- Arrogant and stuckup idiots
- Ignorant idiots that won't stop bragging
- Stubborn asses that wont change their habits
- People who waste my time
- People who use games as an investment platform instead of actually playing it
- Idiots that think they are always right and want things their way
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Just so you know, I'm not the type to go for cliches. Say, for instance , you were in love with me, and some other girl was making moves on me. If you were to, out of jealousy, inflict some unjust violence on me, I would fight back with no hesitation.
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what a meme this guy
cz: she is my loli
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