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About Me
I'm Jepp.

I am highly active on Steam. Unless I am on a rare absence from my computer for an extended period of time I will always , within a day:
* At least read any chat messages sent while offline
* At least read any comments made on my profile, any guide or any other Steam submission
* Deal with friend and group requests, I very rarely join any group or accept a friend request without a good reason.

If you want one of my trading cards, I am perfectly happy with 1:1 trades for cards. Preferably from the same game, but mostly 1 card for 1 card is fine in my books. Send me an offer!

Adding Me
I request a comment on my profile before being added for a specific reason. Random adds have a very high chance of being declined, especially low steam levels, VAC or trade bans or evidence of achievement cheating. >:O
If I declined, drop me a comment and I may add you back.

I'm rather passionate about achievements. And there's nothing else to say about it.
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I make guides, usually achievement guides (see above.) I also do some collaborations. Mainly just the layout, but sometimes help with content too.
If you want me to contribute to your guide, let me know and we shall see.
If you want to translate one of my guides, post here or on the guide and we'll talk.
If you want to submit an achievement guide to the 100PAG guide of guides, post it in this thread!

Supporting Me
I do not get any monetary reward for anything I make or do (thus far), instead I get the love and adulation from all of my fans. (that's you)
However, you can always help me out by following me on Twitch [], subscribing to my YouTube channel , watching my DeviantArt [] and following me here on Steam.

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Adding because of ุ
Fosona Feb 23 @ 4:43pm 
Hello, i would like to join the level 69 group. I cant reply in the thread you made because i am not a part of the group. Thank you in advance :)
Komandant Feb 22 @ 3:09am 
Hey mqn i wanna add u plus i invited u to my aus/nz achievement group
Lesbian Dad Feb 20 @ 2:01am 
Added because we have interests like 100%ing games In common
[Staffu] Charlotte CS.MONEY Feb 19 @ 4:53am 
I cant readd you so, ill just say it here im just wanting to be added to Lvl 69 collectors. :/ no mods or admins have responded yet.
[Staffu] Charlotte CS.MONEY Feb 19 @ 4:49am 
Hey dont decline please, i need to pm you sir