armageddon tired
tell your boyfriend if he says he's got beef
that I'm a vegetarian
and I ain't fucking scared of him

:bandit: i'm @glitzob on twitter :squidcat:

29 year old woman. Enraged Feminist. I tend to game through
chronic migraines, but sometimes just leave on IdleMaster and
sleep for a few days straight. My dog is named Tidbit. I block
racists, homophobes, and MRAs. Not here to use the chat client,
will converse via comments on screenshots and activity feed status
posts if you've a need to communicate with me.

YES: screenshots on the activity feed, screeching over narrative
devices and worldbuilding, Batman is the Best Man so Superman
can go Eat A Dick.

NO: constant spam of CS:GO knives because I legit do not
care, swastika/MAGA memes, insisting I talk to you just because
I'm a chick and thus stereotyped as nurturing.
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Doc Holliday Mar 23 @ 12:58pm 
Thank you much appreciated! :jsmile::Like_Red:
Sweet Dee Mar 19 @ 4:05pm 
BTW are you on twitter? I am now too!
Sweet Dee Mar 16 @ 12:36pm 
YES and they're all amazing, if not all that depends on who you are fighting. For a long time this was my favorite
Sweet Dee Mar 16 @ 11:23am 
Cleric Beast also has one of the best songs imo and right off the bat in the game
Sweet Dee Mar 16 @ 11:22am 
This was basically me in the beginning, it took me forever to figure out the combat in BB even after a million hours in DS (or maybe that made it worse)