armageddon tired
and then you cracked your head and broke some bones
and when you glued them back together you found out you did it wrong
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...and you will know me by the trail of bad cannibalism jokes.
A QA engineer walks into a bar, crawls into a bar, flies into a bar, climbs into a bar through the window. Orders a beer, orders two beers, orders 10 beers, orders 999 beers, orders -1 beer, orders a lizard, orders a frtraugjkchdiyt.

I'm a 28 y.o. feeeeeeeemale who has a rad doggo named Tidbit and plenty of deadlines to voluntarily suffer over. I don't log in to chat because my internet sux. I'm active all over the activity feed and comment sections, so if you want to talk to me use that method.

Don't add me if you think feminism is "cancer" or that Trump and all he stands for is a good thing, because I have no time for you and your bullshit--- otherwise, welcome all and all are welcome.

I am @glitzob on twitter
I post fanfic & origfic on ao3 as grue []
This is my SteamGifts Account where I toss extra keys []
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ღ UncleTuna | Ayumi ღ Aug 18 @ 1:55am 

I wish you a great weekend !
LOUD CLOUD ☁ Aug 12 @ 8:57am 

Have a nice weekend!
ღ UncleTuna | Ayumi ღ Jul 20 @ 9:25pm 

Have a great day, and a nice weekend~!
Puppet Jul 17 @ 4:57pm 
I see you've been playing The Silent Age. I really enjoyed it. The storyline was pretty interesting.
Hanni Jul 9 @ 10:48am 
Thank you for accepting my invite
Otter Chaos Jul 8 @ 10:56am 
That joke at the top of your profile is brilliant and I'm going to tell it to people and they will look at me in confusion and think I'm weird. Perfect!