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I was going to play ultrawide, & this shot is beautiful. But I found the game cuts off the top/bottom to do it, vs expanding FOV right/left.
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Forza Horizon 3
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Created by - Jinx
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This guide shows you how to use ReShade to add CRT scanline effects (like an old TV) to Iconoclasts.
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Eerie yet energetic, these epic chiptune style tracks really suck you into the game's dangerous electronic world. Like the game itself, some elements are inspired by the classic Metroid titles, but without feeling too derivative.

Once installed, this "DLC" shows up in the game's install directory in a folder labeled "Soundtrack". The tracks are 320kbps VRB and are properly tagged and filenamed. You can also purchase the soundtrack on on the game's Bandcamp page[axiomverge.bandcamp.com] if you prefer. That option will also give you access to a .flac version of the soundtrack. Probably harder to find that version on sale, though.

*update* They have updated it and you now get FLAC as well on Steam

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Pkmns Feb 3 @ 12:13am 
Hi, please accept my friend request because I'm not Morpho.
Jinx Jan 12 @ 7:19pm 
We don't know what they're doing for sure, but there is a huge UI update coming at some point and we don't know if the dimensions will change or not.

I'd think they'd want to keep it the same - otherwise they'd have to create new images for literally thousands of older games.
rfzm ↑ Jan 12 @ 5:31pm 
My god what am I reading, they're fucking up the grids??
Jinx Jan 10 @ 7:34pm 
lol we can hope. Was that a comment to the designer or just on the website? I doubt Valve will see it.

The one good thing... is that I started keeping all the source files for my grid images a couple years ago. Every game has a folder full of the artwork, logos, etc. I used. So if I have to remake some of them at least I have everything I need right there already.
kamikazi1200 Jan 10 @ 6:14pm 
Here's my comment (awaiting moderation
NO, no no!
Many of us have spent YEARS customizing our game grids in the 460 x 215 format, YEARS! If you mess with it make sure you offer the legacy format we have now!!!!!!! Support UI color changes and more zoom scope for 4K and ultrawide and that's it!
kamikazi1200 Jan 10 @ 6:12pm 
Theres a place for comments on the article, rally the troops!