The Creature of Crete   Khanion Tou Kokkini, Iraklion, Greece
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Not much to say. I own Katavasis.

"Yeah, Suicide is amazing but have you heard of Project Nexus 2?"

Romanian Scum I know for 15 years. :emofdr:
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Hi. Welcome to my Profile.

Leave a comment if you'd like, it's not obligatory if you wanna add, I just like comments.

I am the "Creature of Crete", an SFM-Artist hailing from Heraklion. I own both the characters "Descension" and "Katavasis" which were created by me.

If you want to add me, sure. I got a few things to share tho.

:spellscroll: I'm a person that silently removes. I'm stating this right here and right now.
:spellscroll: The VAC Ban is from Team Fortress 2. I did cheat, I got punished. I don't regret my actions, I have an Alt that I play anyway.
:spellscroll: Please Do Not Add with Intention to bother me about anything regarding Art. I will not accept and remove you. Unless you've claimed a commission slot. Do Not Add me to beg for art, Either.
:spellscroll: Hailing from Greece, I don't have the most "Politicaly Correct" Ideas. To the contrary I'm Very conservative about certain things. I do not like talking about Politics.
:spellscroll: I am a Moderator for the Project Nexus 2 [] Discord,
If you'd like to join, there's an Invite down-bellow. We're always glad to have new Members.

:spellscroll: Anyone caught posting paraphenalia in regards to that god damn clown will be shot to death. Do not test me.
:spellscroll: I'm no longer associated with any other Fandoms other than Madness Combat.
:spellscroll: I like having a Heart collection.

Other places I'm at:
(NSFW Include Questionable or Explicit Images.)

:riddler: Modblog Tumblr [] NSFW
:csdmad: Newgrounds []
:bones: Project Nexus 2 Forums []
:mammo: Project Nexus 2 Discord []

Enjoy your Stay :mylove:
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>Be given probably one of the best Animation tools out there
>Use it to make Porn.

Seems about right.
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Dude. Same.
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Nigga what kind of bloodline involves purple magic that looks like it resembles california's POZZING?
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Boi did you remove me? :O
calvin klein model Dec 13, 2017 @ 11:36am 
-rep gamata file ta panta ola exw
calvin klein model Dec 13, 2017 @ 10:15am