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Also known as Createvi   Netherlands
People sending me friend invites randomly get ignored, please leave a comment if you wish to add me.

And now for some various informational snippets about me:
- I'm really Dutch
- Visual Arts student at IGAD
- Working hard to get into the games industry

Team Fortress 2 Related snippets:
- I'm co-creator of the "Googol Glass Eyes" and the "Tyrantium Helmet"
- I'm a co-contributor to the "Vaccinator", "Galvanized Gibus" and the "Ye oiled Baker Boy"
- Been involved in various community updates both official and unoffical, for example the Night of The Living Update 2 Logo was done by me.
- I'm the other Pyro in Timbl4's W+M2 movie.
- Check out my workshop, to see other work I've contributed on.

Always available for a chat, advice or other help regarding TF2, modding or visual arts in general.

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Why I get banned on Discoard? If you want talk about it accept my invite pliss :)
Hey when you guys going to make Sky-High Tops mod?
Nonhuman May 14 @ 1:39am 
I tried to download the "Promo Resources" from the latest "TF2 Emporium 66" thread but when i clicked on it, it just redirected to " http://tbd/" which obviously didn't work so i couldn't download it, the same thing also happens on "TF2 Resource Pack".

Is this just happening to me or are the links for those broken?
Smithy The Blacksmith Feb 5 @ 7:45am 
Update the Googol Glass Eyes ('Site' for Sore Eyes) to have different pupil styles, or to have the pupils paintable
Tub Jan 19 @ 2:44pm 
You own wm2 I own pmotf2
G. Oct 22, 2016 @ 8:03am 
Added to talk about Textures and Skins