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If you wish to contact me for whatever reason shoot an email or leave a message on my profile and i will contact you. I don't accept random friend requests! Just profile message whatever you need to say.
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Yes apparently uploading exes of a beta game warrents them to go as far as game ban you lol.


I'm Cra0kalo a CG Artist/Animator/Programmer who works very closely with the Source Engine.
I have worked on various things in the past both commercial and non-commercial titles like animations for Insurgency 2/Nuclear Dawn, Operation Reaper a Source Engine Machinima and The Dark Alley another short film produced using the SFM.
More recently however I've lent towards programming, mostly creating tools and reverse engineering games.

Recent past commercial CGI work:
Animator for Nuclear Dawn
Character animator for Insurgency 2
Programming work:
TitanFall VPKTool
Watch_Dogs Toolkit
Alien Isolation Paktool
Fox Model Studio

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m8ten Oct 30 @ 3:59am 
Can I just talk with you for 1min??? pls
Debix Oct 24 @ 2:23pm 
Cra0kalo's compiler
Debix Oct 24 @ 1:52pm 
Help, with studiomdl compiler
dXr Oct 16 @ 6:21am 
lmao reps, hahahhahahhaha you nub
reps Oct 14 @ 4:24pm 
Bro why you think youre so smart when you tried scamming itfp, you post on uc about all this security related shit yet your pubg hack = CRACKED and btw your shitty logs were created just by web tampering 3rd worlder lmao
zeta Oct 14 @ 2:54pm 
loader sent to a friend who's a BE dev, enjoyed working with you. (also pulling back the accounts with the keys sent to you <3)