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13 hours ago
In topic Is this the version we buy
You don't have to buy early. English menu/dialogue will come out on the 20th. period
Mar 17 @ 5:46am
In topic 5.5GB patch
bonus upgrade to convert it to Final Fantasy XV
Mar 16 @ 7:40pm
In topic £54.99?
I will not be baited....I will not be baited..I...

Mar 16 @ 7:50am
In topic Should I start witth demo or the game?
demo, and get the ancient coin
Mar 16 @ 6:49am
In topic Marking Territory...
How did we get to be such a generation of♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ SMH
Mar 15 @ 1:58pm
In topic Nice price
There is another way...
Mar 15 @ 1:56pm
In topic Terrible price
oh great, another "AAA" nut. stop buying into that♥♥♥♥♥♥ There is no "AAA" game!! (Unless the company that actually made it is called 'AAA')
Mar 15 @ 9:02am
In topic Performance issues?
make sure game is running off your dedicated graphics card, not the integrated one
Mar 15 @ 9:02am
In topic £55, YOU let this happen.
i'll buy next week when regional pricing is correct :)
Originally posted by R.Gronow (ger/eng):
get a job kiddo or buy it at instant gaming for 40
Hahaha see you next week when it's cheaper! XD
That price though :(
Mar 14 @ 6:59pm
In topic Attack on Titan 2 out!!
...but I can't access the store page after the age check -_-
Mar 14 @ 5:28pm
In topic What do you want Broly to play like?
Yes, like a very hyper muscle bound wrestler on sugar overdose just running around the screen and body slamming everyone on sight
Mar 13 @ 7:06pm
In topic Let me set the stage for you.
have you eaten any mushrooms in the last 4-6 hours?
why would they? they already got your money
Mar 13 @ 5:39am
In topic Spider bois giving me spooks
they very friendly, they even drop from the ceiling to give you guys a surprise hug. Stop being a hater!
Mar 10 @ 10:23am
In topic Now this takes me back
Originally posted by ♥♥♥♥offwalter:
Maybe we will see CTR on pc at some point I cant recall if that game was actually good or not but I feel like I enjoyed it. game on

oh, it was good!
Mar 10 @ 8:08am
In topic Steam deleted my game ??
Steam doesn't want you to turn gay playing this story of bromance
Mar 10 @ 7:25am
Friend: Do not give in to that preorder ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t!!

Showing 1-20 of 607 entries