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Online - I'm at my computer. If i don't respond, i either don't wanna talk, or i forgot to change this.
Offline - Don't bug me. I'm offline, damnit!
In-game - Same as online.
Away - Bugging me in this state just makes sounds which then makes me mute my computer. No chance of response.
Busy - Disturbing me in this state gets you unfriended.
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Team Fortress 2

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Idle Dart Jul 14 @ 7:53pm 
This guy deserves the +rep though
Idle Dart Jul 14 @ 7:52pm 
+Rep nice, i did 2 plus reps cuz i give out +reps like they are candy on halloween!
Idle Dart Jul 14 @ 7:51pm 
+Rep taught me something, and nice
∞☣INFINITY☣∞ Jul 10 @ 6:06pm 
Matas2212 May 8 @ 3:14am 
☭Comrade Engineer☭ Jan 17 @ 7:55pm 
Loved playing with you.