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NumberzZ : I'm as shit as lerls personality
"your mother scared if you never sit straight you not straight" - Bryan Lee

"you should be british cause you're a cunt" -Shane Smith, Vice

11:22 PM - 魂魄: jn i eat buffet
11:22 PM - 魂魄: until now havent eat
11:22 PM - cosmo: dont need eat la
11:22 PM - 魂魄: my mum dabao for me
11:22 PM - 魂魄: i dont eat she cut my dick

01:21 AM - inqo: wassup hoe how you been
01:21 AM - inqo: i dont really care tbh im here to talk about me
01:21 AM - inqo: so
01:22 AM - inqo: i had a literal shitstorm of an experience the oast few days
01:22 AM - inqo: starting off with food poisoning from a seafood platter
01:22 AM - inqo: and guess what
01:23 AM - inqo: autistic little me decided hey, i should eat a fucking 550 gram steak, blue even though i was recently diagnosed with pissing out of my fucking ass
01:23 AM - inqo: so now
01:23 AM - inqo: i just puked up about half of my fucking steak
01:24 AM - inqo: and produced enough thrust from it coming out the other end im pretty sure i couldve gone to the moon and back, if it wasnt for my voluptuous figure holding me down
01:24 AM - cosmo: what
01:24 AM - cosmo: the fuck
01:25 AM - cosmo: HAHHAHAHA
01:25 AM - inqo: im feeling shitty man
01:25 AM - inqo: both metaphorically and literally

enkaii: Friday 9PM | Scrim against Godsens | Gully & Badlands ( Snakewater if got time) | Report at 8PM for maptalk
cosmooooooo: ok
enkaii: i type so long
enkaii: u reply me ok
cosmooooooo: okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
enkaii: nice la
enkaii: sui

Nerd Resume
S11 HL - Outcasts as Pyro
S18 HL - Duck Squad as Soldier
S14 6s - Suns of Pitches as Demoman
S20 6s - Let's Stomp Pubs as Pocket

playing a lot of overwatch and pubg rn. i doubt ill be back to tf2 again for a while

@cosmo #1887
I don't really play on my main, mostly practicing other heroes on TaTaSaucee#1479. Currently playing alot of doomfist, mc, and tracer.

Recent Purple-Bordered Item History
(in order)
- M9 Bayonet Blue Steel (MW)
- M9 Bayonet Black Laminate (WW)
- Karambit Ultraviolet (FT 0.16)
- M9 Bayonet Crimson Web (FT 0.20)
- Bayonet Slaughter (MW)
- M9 Bayonet Vanilla
- Flip Knife Doppler Phase 2 (FN)
( Full history [])

Social Links
> UGC Player Page []
> My HL Team Page []
> My 6s Team Page []
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Hardware/In-Game Settings
Monitor - Acer GN246HL 144Hz
CPU - Intel i5-7500 3.4GHz
GPU - Galax GTX1070Ti
MB - ASRock h270 Fatal1ty Performance
PSU - EVGA BV 500W 80+ Bronze
RAM - Klevv Bolt 2x8GB DDR4 2400MHz Performance
SSD - Samsung 850Evo 250GB M.2
HDD - Toshiba 1TB 7200RPM
Case - Tecware Edge TG Red
Mouse - Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury
Mousepad - Logitech G240
Keyboard - Logitech G413 Carbon
Headset - Logitech G231 Prodigy

0.95 sensitivity @1280 dpi -> 34.3cm/360
cfg []

McCree/Widow/Soldier/Tracer : 3.2 sensitivity @ 1280 dpi -> 33.8cm/360
Others : 4.5 sensitivity @1280 dpi -> 24.1cm/360

All sensitivities: 25 @1280 dpi
Settings: All low except Texture (Ultra) and Anti-Aliasing (High)

Hitscan: 1.8 sensitivity @1280 dpi -> 18cm/360
Projectile: 2.2sensitivity @1280 dpi -> 14.8cm/360
*disclaimer: I haven't touched tf2 for more than a year - the sensitivities above sound ridiculously high to me now*

Hall of Shame

Italics: i asked for no shotgun

[KFC™] grasswall #G.I.B.U.S : !rmeove
*DEAD* [KFC™] grasswall #G.I.B.U.S : !remoevc
[KFC™] grasswall #G.I.B.U.S : !rmeove
[KFC™] grasswall #G.I.B.U.S : !remove

africa is a country : what a spire pro
africa is a country : just go down the spire
africa is a country : do you just play spire
cosmo :o> (Score:20) defeats africa is a country (Score:10) in duel to 20 on Badlands spire
(1)かわいいさま (1551) joins arena Badlands spire.
africa is a country (1995) joins arena Granary Last.
africa is a country : its time to stop playing spire
africa is a country : you cant do well on anything but spire

Knightmare #G.I.B.U.S : genos
Player erection wet ass has joined the game
Knightmare #G.I.B.U.S : you got skype?
*SPEC* krystal : LOL
(Spectator) cosmo : skype
Genos changed team state to Ready
(Spectator) cosmo : omg
(Spectator) krystal : HAHAHHAA
*SPEC* krystal : nice one

RËXXÊR 2.0 : on the rock
RËXXÊR 2.0 : pussy
RËXXÊR 2.0 : boy
[420] cosmo : lmao
RËXXÊR 2.0 : fuck your mom you know?
You gained 2 points.
RËXXÊR 2.0 : !remove
cosmo (Score:7) defeats RËXXÊR 2.0 (Score:0) in a duel on Badlands spire

TryhardBanana {LINK REMOVED} : fuck you malicious maria
TryhardBanana {LINK REMOVED} : fucking baiting piece of shit

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