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Isla, Merry, Todou Kirin, Momozono Nanami, Hoshino Yuumi,
Shimamura Uzuki, Yume, Shiguma Rika, Kurhashi Riko, Aomi Isara
Isla's Letter :
By the time you read this,
I guess I'll have gone to sleep.
You know, I always thought the Terminal Service was a place where our job was to rip apart memories,
and it would never be rewarding...
and that we didn't even deserve anyone's gratitude.
And yet, it mystified me that there were so many people who said,
"Thank you", to me...
But now that my time is about to end,
I think I finally understand.
Because everyone at the Terminal Service is so kind that it makes me want to cry...
and they're such wonderful people.
Because they try so hard to be open with me,
it feels so natural to voice my gratitude.
I'm so glad that I got to work alongside you.
I'm proud that I had the chance to work at the Terminal Service.
those six years that I got to team up with you,
are such precious memories for me.
I'm so glad I got to meet you at the end.
Thank you.
Thanks to everyone else, too.
- In memory of Isla (28th February 2006 - 28th June 2015)

I woke one morning in a dark, gloomy place
greeted by air with a disdainful taste
they formed a cleft with cold empty hearts,
all in need of that one, warm touch
thats when i knew the name of my haven
the isolated area for the Crestfallen.

TY Stefaaan for signing my scattergun!
TY s4lts for dah soldier's stash and marxman!
TY ice-cream for dah scotland cape and carbonado rifle!
TY Circe for dah Sid Mier's Civilisation V game!
TY jigglesaur for dah Torchlight 2!
TY cloverella for dah PAYDAY 2!
TY everyone for dah birthday gifts!
TY Nagy for dah Strange Specialised Original
TY teejay for dah visuals novels!
TY hira for dah Tartan Shade!

Asiafortress 1st LAN 4th Place (The Homely Hobos) [h²]
TF2 AFC6 Division 3 3rd Place (xTra Or Dinary) [xD.]
TF2 AFC7 Division 2 4th Place (A Clockwork Enigma) [ace.]
TF2 AFC8 Division 1 Participant (The Homely Hobos) [h²]
TF2 AFC9 Division 1 Participant (Off Rage Plz) [orz.]
TF2 Merc Cup 4 Participant (Solstice) [<3]
TF2 Merc Cup 6 6th Place (The Homely Hobos) [h²]
TF2 OGM Ultiduo Rumble 2013 4th Place (Off Rage Plz) [orz.]
TF2 Eclub Orange Mania 2013 1st Place (A Clockwork Enigma) [ace.]
TF2 UGC Highlander Season 8 5th Place (Aspencc 4 Carry) [a4c.]
TF2 UGC Highlander Season 9 Participant (Reckless People) [rp.]
TF2 UGC Highlander Season 10 4th Place (Summer Season) (The Impatient Outpatients) [.thio]
TF2 UGC Highlander Season 11 2nd Place (anyhow only) [anyhow]
TF2 UGC 6v6 Asia Season 13 3rd Place (For Freak's Sake) [ffs']

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