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Conkers: "what would you do if i told you i hate you"
Conkers: xP

Bansky: Drink cocoa
Bansky: Rape
Bansky: Murder
Bansky: Coffee
Bansky: Kill
Bansky: Hamburger
Bansky: Swag
Bansky: Punch kid's face
Bansky: yolo
Bansky: sleep
Bansky: Nuke the whales
Bansky: Cocoa
Conkers: omg
Conkers: i am in tears
Bansky: I do things

cat: woah
cat: #spooky
Conkers: #obamba
Conkers: fuck

Conkers: He breaks his fucking leg!
Banshee: legs grow back

Joshi: How did you get so cool?
coolkid69: well to be as cool as me
coolkid69: u need to play cool guy vid games like me
coolkid69: then u need to explain 2 the rest of the world that u r
coolkid69: super cool
coolkid69: hence the name
coolkid69: coolkid
Joshi: :o the secret is out
coolkid69: pls no share
Joshi: I can finally be noticed by my mum
coolkid69: woah cool mang
coolkid69: ur mom will b
coolkid69: proud
Joshi: :')
Joshi: thank you for such helpness words
coolkid69: yes
coolkid69: coolkid69
coolkid69: making ppl cool
Joshi: God bless your face
coolkid69: woah thx u
coolkid69: god bless
coolkid69: u
coolkid69: god bless
coolkid69: america

Conks: shake it
Banshee: no
Banshee: I have no ass

Conkers: anyway, i do am go too an asleep
porkie: ok

Voice Chat: Conkers: Get stair-stabbed, as demo.. with a pipe!
Renard: Huhhuhuahahahah

less than three: wtf do u think ur doin
less than three: finish ur dinner
Conkers: But
Conkers: but,
Conkers: daaaaaaad
Conkers: I wanna go play Call o dooty
less than three: no call o dooty untill u finish ur dinner
Conkers: OMG this house sux
Conkers: may aswell kill self
less than three: new generation in a nut shell

Banshee had asked to trade with you, but you did not respond in time.

Banshee: but the world is all about love and peace
Banshee: and hugging enemies
Conkers :>: and sex.
Conkers :>: dont forget sex.
Conkers :>: with men.
Banshee: ok
Banshee: bye

*Juuso and Josh Discuss Ebola*
Banshee: ebola sounds cool
Banshee: wonder what started it
Conkers: african bum sex with monkeys in swamps
Banshee: they really like a good fuck

Solaire: You are the good memes conkers.

renard: Conkers, you are the memes.

*Juuso and Josh Discuss Bonfire Night*
Oswej: guy fawkes is a gay bitch
conks: he tried to blow up the king
conks: got caught
conks: and was set on fire to die
Oswej: got caught giving him a bj
Conks: ...
Conks: yes.

*Juuso and Josh Discuss Mousepads*
Oswej: i want a full desk mousepad
Oswej: please
Oswej: also the floor and walls and the ceiling
Oswej: put some weights on your mouse as well
Conks: dumbells
Conks: just you, being dragged around your room by your mouse with fucking dumbells attached with you hair like flowing backwards and your screaming

Conkers: medic rollouts are hard
Conkers: my favourite one is process
Conkers: you walk
Conkers: your pocket leaves you behind a rock
Conkers: and you eat a pipe
Conkers: and die

6b. yosh!: i flung a kid down some stairs today.
psu: thats my favourite thing to do
6b. yosh!: heheh
6b. yosh!: my friends were like " jesus josh wtf"
6b. yosh!: umm
6b. yosh!: no
6b. yosh!: he stood in front of me looked vertically up and said " ware u think ur goin"
6b. yosh!: I knoe ware ur going lil shit
psu: fucking hell hahahahahah
6b. yosh!: just fucking flung down like 8 steps with a satisfying thud

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hey conkers how are things it's me your biggest fan
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hey conkers how are things it's me your biggest fan
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conkers more like BONKERS HAHAH becuase he hits those churazee shots u feel me fam upvote if u agree
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I'm being held hostage in a new eternity hi bye rip woof
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