Comrade Shramov
Donets'ka Oblast', Ukraine
- Alright, time to start learning for test in college!
- Actually you gonna pass him tormorrow...

Мой оригинальный ник-нейм/My original nick-name:
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About me!
Hey there! My name is Max. (but someone guy still call me "Motherfuckin' Caulfield" )
My birthday 10 Jan 1998 (19 y.o.) and I am peaceful civil-survivor from Donetsk, nice too meet with ya!

Rules. Yep.

1) DO NOT create discussions about political situation in my country! (this rule also
specially for ukranians/russians.)

2) If you add me, so please, write me why, because without a reason I can add you, and I don't need "dead souls" in a friendlist.

3) Don't be a jerk.

Some useless links...
If you wanna, you can search me in some social networks (and other... places):

VK http:// Russian social network, and my place of dwelling.
Shikimori http:// Also russian website, (you can change a language in settings) but with anime, manga and other stuffs...
osu! http:// I am suck in this game... т_т (out of order)

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PilotStarck Dec 10 @ 6:53am 
Астрономия - она повсюду!
Comrade Shramov Dec 10 @ 6:37am 
Значит завтра опять доделывать ДКР с матрицами...
PilotStarck Dec 10 @ 6:25am 
Не суетись, не хлопочи,
Безумство ищет, глупость судит.
Дневные раны сном лечи,
А завтра – быть тому, что будет.
PilotStarck Nov 25 @ 10:22pm 
Have a Lovely Weekend!
PilotStarck Nov 12 @ 5:39am 
Comrade Shramov Nov 12 @ 5:35am 
Главное, что не "Гринпис".