stop adding me with no comment
brendan..., moose, etc.
Not really looking to discount my items further. For the 500th time, I am not quickselling my whole BP for paypal. I've blocked enough people already. Item offers should be mixed, and items with good demand.

Plan to cash out my inventory so I can finally put the last nail in this coffin.
Links down below if you're interested in what I have yet to sell.
I am still here to chat, but you probably won't see me ingame anymore.
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My stuff might is most likely here:

Here is the listings for the stuff I have for sale

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not really into item offers anymore if you were thinking about that
Sorry I have been offered so many taunts lately. I will pass.
Carbs Nov 28 @ 7:05pm 
Hey sent offer on sulphurus hat.
Ive already been offered a few taunts on the pencil, but currently I am only looking for pure offers I am cashing out. I appreciate the offer though, but I'd have to pass.
Major Payne Nov 26 @ 5:36pm 
I want to know if your interested so i know if i should remove it from the market it wont be tradable until the 30th
Major Payne Nov 26 @ 5:35pm 
Sorry about that let me repeat myself, im offering my unusual battin n thousamd taunt with screaming tiger effect, for your pencil pusher with orbiting planets effect