can't play comp bcs of tourists
Im from   Croatia
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Something about me:
I'll accept any friend request.
I play tf2 in general.
I love playing roamer the most.
I'm playing mostly 6's.
Actually I can play any class you or I want, I just struggle with scout sometimes.
I know to be salty. :3
I play a lot of mge. Atleast 1/3 of my playtime on day.
I play like 1-4.5 hours per day, atleast 5 days a week.
I like to chat with people.
I love trading.
I write "lol" and "lmao" and onther shit a lot.
I write stuff like :3, xD and :D a lot.
Im a fan of FROYOTECH, but since I live in EU I love Se7en.
I think im a very good player for a 15 year old.
I have a bro. :3
I don't really play onther games...
If I get a new pc soon, I might start a youtube channel.
My worst enemy is: Scout 1 v 1.
I have an annoying and cringly voice. What can I do about it anyways...
I am quite unlucky.
I never quit, even in the darkest times I'll be going to the end. cute
If you comment on my profile, expect it to be answered.
I am using 2 headsets cuz on my old headset, microphone is broken, it doesn't work, and on my new headset microphone is working great but the speakers are doing a weird sound probably bcs of electricity. :D
My dog. []

My laptop
i3 3110m 2.4Ghz
Nvidia GT 640M LE
Manufactor: Fujitsu
Resolution: 1024x768 77 Hz (on mid fights I max get 55 fps what is pathetic...)
Playing with TRUST GXT 25 gaming mouse. Only 30ips ;-;
Keyboard I use is MS Flipper 2.
Monitor I use is Samsung SyncMaster 2243nw

Competative accounts
UGC []
teamfortress tv []
ETF2L []
logs []

Highlander []
4's []
6's - LFT
Ultiduo - LFT

TF2 Highlights
How to take a heavy down []
How to take down a combo as a sniper with melee []
Random arrows actually pays off []
That scout just got doomed []
Poor scout []
xD []
Demoknight just got rekted version 1 []
Demoknight just got rekted version 2 []
Aonther doomed guy []
:o []
gottt them []
Nope []
Ka-Boom []
:3 []
ooo... that airshot tho. []
oho []
"nice engi" []
Omg, the arrows. []
OMG NOO! [] - Could been a frag :P
rip []
Worth the patiance []
That dead voice: he's dead []
What do you think, where am I going? []
lel []
Dat Triple :D []
I got the medic! []
When you get mad! []
We got them! []
They are all dead. :) []
Medic dropped!! Lol []
I belive hardest jump map I faced. (Probably cuz I don't play a lot of jump maps). []
Aonther one! []
Decided to stop recoding for a while. By that I mean I'll start again when I get new pc. :)

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931 hrs on record
last played on Jul 26
5.5 hrs on record
last played on Jul 23
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Freaky Jul 12 @ 2:31am 
+rep great TF2 player
Says the guy who gets mad at first 5 min of negotation for my All's Father painted in black. I wasn't even selling it.
Shayy Jun 3 @ 1:39am 
-rep To toxic
What does that even mean? Now im not even allowed to go warm up on mge?? Hey, it's not my problem your that bad. Just calm down, it's just a video game.
no Jun 2 @ 8:06am 
literally plays his life each mge match
I wouldn't be toxic if you would listen to me... You hold lobby instead of last and I told you will get backcapped and guess what happend. And it turned up it's my fault...