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Nameless ~the one thing you must recall~ is the second game by indie developer Cheritz, widely known for their very popular otome dating sim, Dandelion ~wishes brought to you~. Unlike Dandelion, however, Nameless is a straight visual novel with very little game play outside of making decisions at key points in the story. There is a LOT of reading, so anyone expecting a similar experience to Dandelion may want to do a little more research before purchasing. For those who enjoy well crafted visual novels, this is just the title for you.

Our story begins with the protagonist, 16 year-old Eri, living alone since her grandfather passed away nearly a year ago. Her parents have worked abroad her entire life, and even now at this critical time of loss, they leave her to manage alone save for the benevolent, although slightly oblivious, school principal who keeps casual watch over her as he resides in the same building. But life goes on... until Eri wakes one morning to find her treasured ball-joint dolls, the only beings who have kept her company these many lonely months, have magically come to life. Now she must figure out how to work her new "family" into her daily life without drawing suspicion from those who know her best.

At its heart, Nameless is a tale of loss and abandonment, but it's also one of hope and renewal. And despite it's very romantic narrative, the underlying themes elevate it to something more than your standard "feel-filled" dating sim. The premise may seem a bit odd, but it works, albeit slowly. The novel's greatest strength is in how every thread ties together the fabric of the overall story, but in a sense it is also its greatest weakness. It is only through reading and experiencing everything the novel has to offer, including the multitude of bad endings, that one can fully grasp the scope of the story and realize just how closely every event is intertwined and how damaged each character truly is. And it's only by reading the final hidden chapters that it's revealed how deeply our protagonist is scarred by the neglect she's dealt with her entire life. These revelations breathe new life and meaning into the characters and will have you examining the story long after you've closed it for the final time. Unfortunately, some may lose interest well before those threads begin coming together, especially considering how slow the reveals prove to be.

Despite the absurdity of the situation, by outward appearances this is a slice of life tale. As such, the narrative pace is slow but nuanced with details that build upon another painting a portrait of Eri and the world she lives in which is explored through each additional story route. It takes well over half of the game to see the inklings of an overarching narrative, however, but patience is handsomely rewarded. Your second and third readings of the common route will reveal new dialogues with characters whose routes you've previously finished, further developing their personalities now that we understand them a bit better. And once you unlock the final two characters, things get quite a bit more interesting when darker undertones surface as you piece together just what has been going on all along. I found it incredibly intriguing how precarious the entire situation is, with tragedy often arising from the most innocent of decisions. Make no mistake these darker aspects of the story will hook you like nothing else.

Nameless is indeed much darker than it first appears. Themes of abuse, obsession and abandonment play prominently throughout the character routes and are most apparent in the numerous bad endings. Some scenes made me incredibly uncomfortable while others had me close to tears. There's also quite a bit of sexual innuendo and suggestive language as well as some mature situations. Although nothing explicit takes place on screen, I feel at times the narrative may be inappropriate for younger readers.

For the romantics, there is no shortage of romance here. The story will play at your heart, twist it into knots, break it in two, and when the final confession of feelings plays out, race faster than it ever has as you wait with bated breath for that first lovely kiss between Eri and her chosen beau. By the time the credits roll, you'll have fallen in love with each of the boys along with her, even the ones you couldn't stand from the start.

The presentation is phenomenal with artwork that is both detailed and emotive. Each character is creatively designed and drawn over beautiful backgrounds. Gorgeous CG's highlight important story points while the pastel palette paints a soft picture of youth and innocence with sepia undertones lending a nostalgic lens to the scenery. Delicately crafted acoustic music selections complement the imagery with romantic, yet somber, melodies. Most themes have multiple versions that intensify at key moments enhancing the emotional resonance of the story to great effect.

As one who normally turns voices off in these types of games, I found myself spellbound by the incredible performances. After turning them briefly on to get a feel for the quality, I couldn't bring myself to shut them off again. The actors do an incredible job of bringing each character to life with top notch performances that fit their personalities perfectly. Every piece of dialogue is Korean voiced including all minor characters, something that is altogether uncommon for non-Japanese visual novels.

If I had to complain about one thing it would be the typos and awkward phrasings that are sprinkled throughout. Most are rather minor and do not disrupt the narrative flow much, if at all, but they can be a bit jarring when they pop up during important emotional scenes, briefly pulling you out of the experience. Odd phrasings (most likely due to sticking to the original Korean meanings a little too closely) can take a bit of getting used to as well, but everything is coherent and understandable, even if in a slightly roundabout way.

And now the nitty gritty, the price. $33 is a hefty sum for any game, and considering Cheritz has never been known to offer a discount on their titles, you're unlikely to pick up it up for less than that. So then, is it truly worth it? In my opinion, having played at least a good 10-15 visual novels on Steam, and pretty much all of the otome available here (and elsewhere), you're not going to find better value for your dollar when it comes to the genre, at least not unless we start getting official Japanese localizations. Fast readers generally log around 30 hours to completion while slower ones may take upwards of 50, assuming they're letting the voice actors play out their dialogue. Given the high quality of every aspect from the artwork to the voice acting and music, Cheritz probably could have asked for more and I would maintain it's still worth the price. There are some who feel that no matter how high the quality, visual novels should never ask as much due to the nature of the genre itself. In that case, perhaps this game isn't for you. But for anyone else, do yourself a favor, save up that $30 and buy this gem. Every penny is worth it as long as you allow Nameless the time it needs to win you over.

Bottom Line: Highly recommended for both otoge and visal novel fans as well as anyone who enjoys a complex and well-written narrative.

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