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My name's Chloe and I'm a 25 year old lady hailing from GOOD OL' BLIGHTY (aka the UK)! I like to fart out drawings and occasionally animations, which you can see on my Deviantart/Twitter/Tumblr account and Youtube channel respectively (or you can scroll back up this page to see some of my TF2 scribblings).

I've been playing games since I was... 3? 4? I was definitely a toddler at any rate, playing on my dad's CD-I and drawing with his Atari Touch Tablet. I quite literally grew up in a shop that sold various games and consoles (though it mostly sold music/disco/lighting equipment), so I was a pretty lucky kid!

These days I mostly play PC/handheld games, with some of my favourites being TF2, Megaman (mainly the classic series), Minecraft (since 2010 because I'm old-school), Fire Emblem (not Fates though, eugh) and Pokemon. Especially Megaman - the names of my Woodland Warrior/Backwoods Boomstick/Forest Fire are references to Searchman, and I love you forever if you know who he is. The MM8 Robot Masters don't get enough love.

Stupid Trivia

My main classes are Scout, Soldier and Pyro (in that order), though I usually play a bit of every class with the exception of Spy.

I think Soldier is attractive DON'T JUDGE ME

Wherever I go, Halloween Mode follows.

I hate Spies.

I think the Mannhattan Project is the best hat in the game. I'd give my first born child for an unusual version, but alas.

I'm bi and in a 3 year long-distance relationship with a SUPER PRECIOUS American lady named Meg who can't refute how precious she is because she doesn't know I have this on my profile :j

No, seriously. I really hate Spies.

I have the maturity of a 5 year old and think farts are funny. I get this from my dad, who is in his 50s and still giggles at the number 69.

Did I mention I really hate Spies because BOY HOWDY


My hatred of Spies is mostly a joke, but I do find the class pretty unfun to play.

Other Stuff

None of my crappy unusuals are for sale. I bought 'em because I wanted 'em, so they're here to stay.

I used to accept all friend requests, but as they've become more frequent than they used to be, I won't be doing so any more unless you're someone I know. If you're interested in commissioning me, please check my pinned tweet on my Twitter page!

I tend to hop between PC Steam and mobile Steam, so sometimes I miss messages. Sometimes I see messages and then get distracted and completely forget to respond too! I'm not ignoring you if I don't reply to messages, I'm just a dingus.

Fiction StarScream Mac smells and so do Wedge and Reptos and Unproductive and Rechow


"What's a little harmless butt-kissing between colleagues?" - Anonymous 2k16

"I love peepee" - Wedge

"get a job at kitchen bitch!" - some rando on Youtube

*DEAD* Lazz : Only reason why chloe is admin because of horny guys rooting for her.

"Why crit flames on me" - Red Robot

"That was a satisfying dong" - Rechow

susie he's looking at you : dont hurt chole ever again

Fennex: Why do people wipe their ass after taking a shit isnt that what underwear is used for

Dero - Today at 6:44 AM
You are all smell

3:37 PM - Dr.ThatFreakinHurts!: I smell

1:07 PM - Rechow 🐛: I've made plenty of adult pieces
1:07 PM - Rechow 🐛: *AWFUL
1:07 PM - Chloemew: I WAS GONNA SAY
1:07 PM - Rechow 🐛 is now Away.

"Is Sniper his foot" - HHGamers 2017

10:40 AM - Chloemew: What on earth is that name young man
10:40 AM - willy aids: yhi
10:40 AM - willy aids: hi
10:40 AM - willy aids: ih
10:40 AM - willy aids: igjh
10:40 AM - willy aids: erga;l"?

9:52 PM - Some Psycho: I'm not gonna lie, I WANTED to be quoted, just not that one, hell no.

Stickex - Today at 3:31 AM
wtf reptos is hot

8:44 AM - Piklz: Piklz <-- loser

The Saga of Drunk Wedge

Wedge: I loove pee pee
Wedge: TFQYHXMF<gcj
Chloemew: I knew it
Wedge: Who does love yellow tyihngs
Wedge: hue\hue
Wedge: huyew
Chloemew: ur mum
Wedge: i LOVE YELLOW liquid I am drink thwe m0ost yelelowiiest liquids oragane juicve
Wedge: joke
Wedge: s
Wedge: NOY

Wedge: I love piss is the fjo9ke cuase piss im prettusuire would taste like off orange juice
Wedge: joke****E*R*

Wedge: waity
Wedge: mty pee
Wedge: pee
Wedge: I lovep ee pee oke
Wedge: iistnt isnt inspiringh

10:31 AM - Wedge: I don't even know why I said that whilst drunk
10:31 AM - Chloemew: Because you love pee pee, clearly
10:31 AM - Wedge: Drunk people lie about a lot of things
10:31 AM - Chloemew: Suuuuure
10:31 AM - Chloemew: Suuuuuuuuuuuure
10:32 AM - Wedge: Its gross and salty
10:32 AM - Chloemew: How do you know that it's salty
10:32 AM - Wedge: ...

11:17 AM - Wedge: Imagine 1 day I actually admit to something like that
11:17 AM - Wedge: like fully comit to it
11:18 AM - Wedge: It won't happen though
11:18 AM - Wedge: becuase
11:18 AM - Wedge: I dont
11:18 AM - Wedge: like
11:18 AM - Wedge: Pee/piss/urine/pee hole lqiuid
11:19 AM - Wedge: (Even if it looks delicious )

11:21 AM - Wedge: Then there will be enough evidence 1 day that I won't be able to refuse my secret desire

11:28 AM - Chloemew:
11:28 AM - Wedge: Yummy
11:28 AM - Wedge: I
11:28 AM - Wedge: I
11:28 AM - Wedge: mean
11:28 AM - Wedge: Cool

10:22 AM - Wedge: I love Piss

11:13 PM - Wedge: I smell

11:44 PM - Wedge: Im bad

1:14 PM - Wedge: I'm stronger then you I think. I hit myself
1:14 PM - Wedge: really
1:14 PM - Wedge: hard

4:23 PM - Wedge#3daystillbday: lol ur old 15
4:23 PM - Wedge#3daystillbday: 25********
4:23 PM - Chloemew: 15 is old ye
4:23 PM - Wedge#3daystillbday: no
4:23 PM - Wedge#3daystillbday: isaid
4:23 PM - Wedge#3daystillbday: 15
4:23 PM - Wedge#3daystillbday: no
4:23 PM - Wedge#3daystillbday: NO
4:24 PM - Wedge#3daystillbday: 25
4:23 PM - Chloemew: YA DINGUS

9:37 AM - Wedge: I have 36 bans

3:20 PM - Wedge: i'm just saying the gif/pic i saw
3:20 PM - Wedge: had a girl like
3:20 PM - Wedge: um
3:20 PM - Wedge: She was directing it okay
3:20 PM - Wedge: it was being directed so well
3:21 PM - Wedge: tahts all im saying

12:18 PM - Chloemew: I didn't know you were into Scout in that way
12:18 PM - Wedge: I would eat his ass

Wedge: I'm trying to swallow it and make it all come out

Wedge: You'll hear it better because I'm fat
Wedge: It was my boob, lol
Wedge: You're just jealous that I can lick my boob

Wedge: I sprayed whipped cream on my nipples
Wedge: I rubbed it off with my finger and ate it
Wedge: It was so cold my nipples got so hard
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