my name's neonfrog
i main scout and sniper but i'm a good allrounder
profile picture by dandy stan
check out my artwork
i'm also taking requests for drawings
i would like to be described as a respectable scout main
in tf2, i like to trade, play competitively and jump around
hobbies include drawing, gaming, and art in general

comp experience:
mannco hats in 6s (renamed to rise.) - ozfortress open s17 sub
rise. - ozfortress open s18 sub

no i won't merc

jump maps completed:
jump_beef: soldier and demoman (demo one jump missed)
rj_rckteer: soldier
jump_sketchy2_rc1: course 1 and course 2 on soldier
jump_quba: course 1 on soldier and demoman
jump_jurf: soldier (no bonus jumps)

favourite meme:
we are number one

trading links: inventory []
trade offer link

things i'm proud of in tf2:
getting into a comp team
1000 hours of tf2
getting an unusual - steaming flipped trilby
unboxing an sunbeams patriot peak before i even knew what an unusual was
unboxing a searing plasma patriot peak and getting sharked(?) out of it
unboxing a scorching flames elf esteem and selling it
unboxing a smoking brain-warming wear and selling it

tf2 in game stuff:
sensitivity: 20cm to do a 360 in-game or
900dpi with sensitivity 2.309090909
thanks optivex

current setup:
processor - intel core i3-3220 cpu at 3.30 ghz
ram: 16gb
graphics card: nvidia geforce gtx 750 ti
harddrive: 118 gb
keyboard: razer blackwidow
mouse: razer deathadder chroma
mousepad: steelseries
Currently In-Game
Team Fortress 2
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2,060 hrs on record
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last played on Apr 21
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last played on Mar 9
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