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Nov 16 @ 10:19pm
In topic Game doesn't start
Did you try the arrow keys, Z and X?

Could you post a screenshot of it please.
Nov 16 @ 10:09pm
In topic Mobile Version
Originally posted by Kamo:
Any possibilities of new lenguages subs with this versions?
That heavily depends on the development. I can't make any promises.
Nov 16 @ 1:45am
In topic バグ報告・ご要望(日本語)
Originally posted by Demonlord_Pixy:
Originally posted by Demonlord_Pixy:
Solved by updating graphic card driver. Thx for help.
Correct: The issue is still there. Once I restart the laptop, it's turns into the black screen again.
Did you check the game was running on the right graphics card?
Nov 16 @ 1:43am
In topic Game doesn't start
Did you push any buttons on the title screen? You should be loading straight into the menu.
Nov 15 @ 10:38pm
Originally posted by Aya留美:
I've tried all instructions above but still doesn't work. I don't get any crash report, just as I started the game,the screen flashly disappeared.
my specs:win 7 6.1
i5-4210m gtx 950m 4gb
Can you check your graphic card drivers are up to date.
Also, can you make sure tha the game is running on the correct graphics card.
Here is how:
Nov 15 @ 10:21pm
In topic How do you outrun the skeleton
Lots of dashing and precision.
Also, you can't run forever. Go find somewhere to hide
Nov 15 @ 10:20pm
In topic General Bug Thread (May contain SPOILERS!)
Originally posted by Victoren:
Yup, I checked everything, and installed the runtimes, but the pop up problem still there. :/
The gameplay is still a bit slow, too, I didn't played very much to test everything though, but it's still laggy.

Also, I forgot to mention, in some cutscenes, the audio comes before the image/subtitles for it, and sometimes vice-versa. This kinda broke my immersion at some points...
It sounds like your PC is struggling to run it...
There isn't too much I can personally do about that I'm afraid.

You could try checking the game is running on the correct graphics card.
Here is how:

Or you could change the GPU a bit.
Here is how:
Nov 14 @ 9:05pm
In topic No Polish price == can't buy game
Hi, we are already of aware of this, and it is in processing.
Nov 14 @ 9:04pm
In topic Something unusual in the Soundtrack
I'm wishing you the best of luck on solving this mystery. I believe in you
Nov 14 @ 9:01pm
Originally posted by Liquain:
Message for the devs: can we expect a fix for this? Any ETA?
Hi, we are still trying to locate the issue.
Nov 14 @ 8:59pm
In topic Setting price in PLN (Polish Zlotys)?
Hi, we are already aware of this and the prices are in processing.
Nov 14 @ 8:57pm
In topic Polish Zloty - price update!
Thank you for letting us know. It's already in processing.
Originally posted by Victoren:
I've found a pretty annoying bug that is present through the whole game, that is when I take a screenshot, someone messages me, I get an achievement or ANY kind of pop on Steam (including shift + tab), any of these things only disappear after loading screens.

Here's two examples:

Another problem, I'm probably not the first to experience this but many parts of the game (maybe most of it) run kinda "slow". It's as if the game was too heavy for my PC, but I've played other games with equal or even better graphics without any problem, but NightCry is slow even on "medium" graphics (I've played the whole game on "good" since there's no difference to "medium"). I think that's what they call "clunky"?
Anyway, would be good to have some optimization, my PC is not great but I it should be able to run it at least better (maybe graphic costumization could help).

I don't know, I feel like this game deserves being remastered or something...

Anyway, here's my PC's specs:

Windows 10 (64 Bits)
Processor AMD Phenom II X4 965
Video Card GeForce GT 440
Hi, could you make sure that your DirectX is up to date
AND can you check you have these runtimes installed:
Nov 13 @ 6:16pm
In topic Something unusual in the Soundtrack
Well the last song is written by a different person.

As for the numbers.... doesn't pop up for me... odd... sounds like someone is trying to send you a secret message ;)
Nov 12 @ 11:29pm
In topic won't work
Originally posted by KillerKlown:
Pink Heaven and Pink Hour gave an "Error: Load Image."
Ok, thank you!

Can you tell me your PC Specs and if you are getting a crash report?[]
Nov 12 @ 7:44pm
In topic Bug Reports
Originally posted by Mahou☆Shoujo!!:
Found a fairly strange one; I haven't replicated it yet so I'm just reporting what I just found: If you clear the Truth rout with the female protagonist then start the main game as the male protagonist, when you witness a classmate get sacrificed and watch their flashback, for me this happened during the death flashback for Saotome, in the middle of the flashback the flashback of the female protagonist looking for her contact with Misao plays with a completely black scene, but with dialogue sprites of the female protagonist with the male's name before continuing.

Specifically for me, I haven't cleared the game as the male protagonist yet, meaning I haven't unlocked his Truth rout either. I'm not entirely sure this has to do with my computer's specs but if you need them I'd be happy to provide. Also, if it helps at all, I'd be happy to upload my System.sav somewhere to look into exactly what state my game is in.
Could you verify your Steam files for me please, also can you check your graphics drivers are up to date please.
Nov 12 @ 7:42pm
In topic Bug Reports
Originally posted by 「Nanashi」:
i dont know if it was already said or no but it happend 3 times now: when i try to start the game it says there is an error with the exe and tries to update it, then the update is in a loop where is constaly goes back to zero and load again, while that happens my saves got deleted....
We haven't updated the game, so could you check your antivirus program isn't blocking the game or deleting any files. Then could you verify the files via Steam?
Nov 12 @ 7:33pm
In topic won't work
Originally posted by KillerKlown:
I'm getting the "Error: Initialize Game." and then it pops up with "Kero Blaster FATAL ERROR"
Do you get the same problem with Pink Heaven and Pink Hour?
Nov 12 @ 7:28pm
In topic Alt+Enter全屏总是会跳回桌面
Hi, have you tried changing to full screen via the settings menu instead?
Nov 12 @ 7:25pm
In topic Are the Class Medals Bugged?
So for each level difficulty, clearing and completing certain conditions gets you different medals/trophies in-game (you are calling them icons).

The reason you are seeing the Grueling Campaign icon in the Afternoon Stroll "space" is probably because you don't have an icon for Afternoon Stroll yet.
An easier way for me to check this is if you post a screenshot of your Class Specific Data
Extras > Look at 'Class Specific Data' > Slide sideways so I can see the Adventurer stats properly.

Ps. I don't work on Weekends, please keep bug posts in the bug posting forums. Thank you.
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