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best way i can describe a depression is like the feeling you get when you've 100% completed an open world game, you've done all the missions and got everything to collect, but you don't feel like there's anything left for you to do, so you wander around with this feeling of emptiness, passing by familiar locations and perhaps reminiscing about that one mission that took place, but in the end you know you have to shut off this game some time, because you simply have nothing left to do
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tf2 stuffs i'm looking for list
(just a personal list to keep track of stuff, don't pay any attention to this)

scout: cross-comm express, Boston Boom-Bringer, cheet sheet, beastly bonnet, the sack fulla smissmas, flapjack, caffeine cooler, courtier's collar, bonk batter's backup, airdog, courtle cuirass, squire's sabaton's, herald's helm, lightning lid, pocket pauling, speedster's spandex, messenger's mail bag

soldier: gentle manne's service medal, armored authority, Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe, steel pipes, idiot box, tyrantium helmet, shogun's shoulder guard, slo-poke, killer's kit, man in slacks, hellmet, diplomat, gift bringer, patriot's pouches, flakcatcher

pyro: jingle belt, moonman backpack, last breath, vintage merryweather, rail spikes, bolted birdcage, centurion, steel sixpack, pop-eyes, special eyes, lunatic's leathers, smoking skid lid, charred chainmail, jupiter jetpack, crusader's getup, combustible cutie, hovering hotshot

demoman:grenadier helm, hurt locher, bushi-dou, juggernaut jacket, sengu sleeves, frontier djustice, double dynamite, snow sleeves, aerobatics demonstrator, spirit of bombing past, bomb beanie, bomber knight, blast defense

heavy:tough guy's toque, copper's hard top, soviet gentleman, heavy artillery officer's cap bunsen brave, gridiron guardian, eliminator's safeguard, gone commando, der maschinensoldaten-helm,die regime-panzerung, yuri's revenge, hunter heavy, heavy tourism

engineer:industrial festivizer, stocking stuffer, brainiac goggles, barnstormer, timeless topper, trash toter, beep boy, special eyes, face full of festive, trencher's tunic, wild west waistcoat, rocket operator, dead'er alive, head mounted double observatory, plumber's cap

medic:berliner's bucket helm, byte'd beak, heer's helmet, vascular vestment, bunnyhopper's balistic's vest, burly beast, field practice

sniper:doublecross-comm, lone star, chronomancer, snow scoper, triggerman's tacticals, poacher's safari jacket, snow sleeves, corona australis, starduster, guilden guardian, hawk-eyed hunter, archer's sterling

spy: doublecross-comm, megapixel beard, spycrab, stealthy scarf, chicago overcoat, lurking legionnaire, upgrade

multi-class:gift bringer, cheater's lament (if it becomes tradable anytime), bill's hat, max's severed head, voodoo juju, treasure hat, summer hat, deus specs, merc's pride scarf, ebenezer, cockfighter, tuxxy, reindoonicorn, brotherhood of arms, glitched circuit board, towering pillar of summer shades, horace, tipped lid, polar pullover, fireproof secret diary, potassium bonnett, captain cardbeard cutthroat, captain space mann, phononaut, Catastrophic companions, duck billed hatypus, patriot peak, legendary lid

skins (FN strange of course) : rustic ruiner, barn burner, blasted bombardier, purple range, carpet bomber, spark of life, dead reckoner, black dahlia, balloonicorn sniper rifle, sweet dreams grenade launcher, balloonicorn flamethrower, sweet dreams stickybomb launcher, mister cuddles minigun, blue mew knife, blue mew pistol, blue mew rocket launcher, blue mew scattergun, killer bee scattergun, warhawk rocket launcher, warhawk grenade launcher, warhawk flamethrower, butcher bird minigun, airwolf sniper rifle, corsair medi gun, butcher bird grenade launcher
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cheatercat Mar 7 @ 1:17pm 
now that's a name i haven't seen in a long time
cheatercat Mar 7 @ 1:04am 
Grey Feb 3 @ 1:04pm 
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remember anonymous is legion
Cyber Jan 2 @ 4:52am 
May Karma guide you in times of pain or dark. if I could +rep harder, I would.

Cold Dec 24, 2016 @ 2:15am 
Merry Chwistmas from a random person
DescX Dec 22, 2016 @ 4:03am 

Happy birthday buddy! :D