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About me
Hello there! Welcome to my profile.

My nickname is Happy Chavilela, and I'm known for being a moderator on CSGORoll , so if you want to talk with me, head to the website's chat , I'll most likely be there

Also, if you need a code there, you can use mine for free 50 cents: 5050

If you wish to add me, please comment below before doing it. I will NOT accept random adds. Sorry

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Tom 1 godzinę temu 
How long am I muted for?
✪Sergeant 1 godzinę temu 
happy the scripts were on another site... DUDE PLEASE MAKE MY MUTE LIKE 1 WEEK OR SMTH, and i get coins FROM TIPS NOT FUCKING SCRIPTS DUDE OMFG PLEASE
Torq-Noisome csgobig.com 16 stycznia - 13:04 
Sign my profile :D
s1mple 15 stycznia - 12:46 
hello can i follow you Chavi :D
Flexer 15 stycznia - 12:23 
i love da chavi :3
✪๖ۣۜ(Merc)Dystopia2k 14 stycznia - 16:51