im been laying low, im in tokyo
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May we all find friends and joy in our lives as we climb that long, uphill climb!

Past Teams HL:
S15: The United Moonbeam Federation Main Pyro (UGC Iron Dropped)
S16: Gibus Gang Sub Pyro (UGC Steel 5-3)
S17: The Taco Stand Main Pyro (UGC Silver 4-4)
S18:「blank」Main/Sub Pyro (went to Sub after Week 2) (UGC Silver 7-3 5th 4th Overall)
S19: Shooting Blanks Sub Pyro (UGC Silver/Gold 9-3 4th Overall)
S20: Lacuna Main Pyro (UGC Silver 5-4 6th Overall)
S21: Abridge Main/Sub Pyro (went to Sub after Week 3) (UGC Platinum 2-6)
S22: The Mighty Ducks Main Pyro (UGC Silver 2-3)

S23: The Mighty Ducks Sub Roamer/Scout (UGC Silver 3-5)

S10: team pyro Main Pyro (UGC Gold 4-4)
S11: Mightiest Ducks Main Medic/Soldier (UGC Silver 2-2)

Feel free to ring me as pyro (plat), soldier or spy (silver)

My Weeaboo Theme

One does not simply get off the feels train.


MAL (in progress) []

Funny or Very Upset/Salty People

*DEAD* Phantom : charizard
*DEAD* Phantom : fuck oof

*DEAD* crystal : fuck dammit charizard

7:49 PM - No Charizard No Life :3 ☾: thank you mr weeb pyro main
7:49 PM - minti: only a weeb for clannad
7:49 PM - minti: would buy all the nagisa bodypillows

mii : hi im charizard and im gay

*DEAD* nine_kirby : ew
*DEAD* nine_kirby : flare gun nerd

*DEAD* Greninja : chairzard.
*DEAD* Greninja : why

1:20 PM - 11/06/2015: charizard
1:20 PM - 1st Gen Fire-Flying Type :3 ☾: lol
1:20 PM - 11/06/2015: what is an imoutos favorite car
1:20 PM - 11/06/2015: er
1:20 PM - 11/06/2015: fuck
1:20 PM - 11/06/2015: ride
1:20 PM - 11/06/2015: favorite ride
1:21 PM - 1st Gen Fire-Flying Type :3 ☾: her brother I'm guessing
1:21 PM - 11/06/2015: a niisan
1:21 PM - 1st Gen Fire-Flying Type :3 ☾: lol
1:21 PM - 11/06/2015: this is awkward I butchered the joke

Oppai Occupation : Charizard, can I just....strangle you? Please?

*DEAD* minti : charizard ive fallen in love with you and i cant let you go
minti : heres a kissy O3O

*DEAD* :^) : kys char

Faze or Face : fuck you charizard

*DEAD* Illusi🌀n : charizard i love you

*DEAD* yanqui : you are really mean :(

*DEAD* twothirds : hey i main pyro my name is charizard
*DEAD* twothirds : im autistic

*DEAD* minti : clannad is the best anime to ever come in existance

Femboy Jade <3 : Fuck you Charizard ;-;

*DEAD* D_ARK : no skilled ngiger

*DEAD* Mocho Green Tea : charizard go away
*DEAD* Mocho Green Tea : you ruin my life

*DEAD* knowlde2 : fuck off charizard

Z - Shower : cahizard why

Kilroy : its no use arguing with weebs album
Kilroy : youll just feed its 300 pounds ass

AceAzule -TPF- : ima leave charizard ios too much of a spy killer bye guys

*DEAD* Charizard ♥ Ushio :3 ☾ : why taunt lol?
De Nacht : because i'm cancer and you're autistic

*DEAD* Snake : hi im charizard im a pee pee head

*DEAD* snow : it takes no skill to press w+m1+m2+2+m1
*DEAD* snow : like holy shit
*DEAD* snow : holy shit zero(alias) your a queer

Ice Cold Lemonade : 'it's not luck, it's just skill' -every pyro main either

*DEAD* ₨и : damn it Charzard

Walrus : south american dude is hacking

ArchGG! Show.Off [free sfms xd] : you're hated because you have a heart and a ':3' in your name

*DEAD* JappedFlacks : why be pyro
*DEAD* JappedFlacks : fuckin loser

Suspicious : You shits ALSO keep making excuses like you're doing here, ANYTHING to avoid having to try.

*DEAD* anteri : fuck you charizard :c

hit dat bitch with a draco : lolreserveshooter
Hades : lolanimeprofilepic

pyrrha : fuck u charizard
pyrrha : <3
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