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I choose not to be summarized.

To anyone who just sends a blind friend request...
Sorry if I don't know you I won't add you. If you want my help and it's in a game I am currently playing you should just start a conversation (IE thread post) and hope I see it or I recently enabled comments on my profile.
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S - Mech Suit

I have still problem with weapons and tools

Dont use weapons and tools for smooth animations

All mech suits have open/close cockpit

Suit have 4x more oxygen and hydrogen and more health

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Eddodman 13 de jan às 8:35 
I need a bit of help with moving an ark sp save to mp, the server is hosted on nitrado but i can access it through a ftp client. I just need some guidance(:
Greystar 13/jun/2017 às 5:14 
If you send a friend request and we didn't previously chat together via some form of medium I probably won't add you.