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How to out dm a team in HL:

How to meme in a scrim:

I love HL:


damneasy - Today at 6:12 PM
French people honestly CANT drive

Strag: "I wish I was a terrorist"

10:19 PM - mhskin: you can call me daddy in german while we bang

9:07 PM - Mein Kampf...............on ice: I got 7 med dicks

9:06 PM - Don't you heck with me human.:
9:06 PM - Don't you heck with me human.: ill cut you
9:07 PM - Sgt. Apple pie: im jerk off while you do that

in a scrim: "med let's build unnessiscarily" 3 seconds later "we have"

12:37 PM - spatacus: on a scale of 1-10
12:37 PM - spatacus: dab dab dab

I saw this on a post:
"hit = 80% of health left
hurt = 50% of health left
weak = 30% of health left
raped = 10% of health left
fucking destroyed = 1% of health left"

9:31 PM - Moo: 9:31 PM - furdiaj: low key i'd fuck snek if she was a girl
9:31 PM - Moo: 9:31 PM - furdiaj: but now that hes a boy
9:31 PM - furdiaj: you're hot af bby

10:35 PM - kwik turkey: you are so lucky you should buy a lottery ticket

3:44 PM - Ace: 4:42 PM - Knight Solaire: i already got a scrim for today 4:43 PM - Knight Solaire: i was asking a bunch of teams 4:43 PM - Knight Solaire: sorry
3:45 PM - Ace: I'm going to fuck her roughly toning
3:45 PM - Ace: Tonight*

Cheese in mumble: "Fuck me harder daddy"

8:16 PM - Latner32: no
8:16 PM - Latner32: pls
8:16 PM - Latner32: daddy

12:09 PM - osdo1: snek, will you marry me

7:19 PM - qutting tf2 for minecraft #2k17: what class
7:22 PM - ipaka lft: im lft minecraft
7:22 PM - qutting tf2 for minecraft #2k17: what division
7:22 PM - ipaka lft: dirt

7:26 PM - Fürdieur: also im bisexuasl that means im not gay
7:27 PM - Fürdieur: i learned what bisexual is and its the best thing ever, it means i can fuck ANYONE

9:25 PM - osdo1: unless they drink an atom bomb or some shit
9:26 PM - snek LFP: "drink"

Ma3: If I let you die I might rip a pube out

Apathy: i had to suck lorgon's dick to get us to scrim

Obv_Chris : i'm charged! XD
*DEAD* Obv_Chris : and dead

8:30 PM - triplex: ur sniper aim how the fuk
8:30 PM - triplex: tell me sensei

gfjr83 : use ur mella pussy

(this team denied one of our ringers before, and they needed a ringer.)
Ma3 : no ringers
Ryth : sry no ringers
electricpants : no ringers
Moo's Clues : no ringers
Moo's Clues : you're fired
Medical Furret : no mexicans
Neptune : you know what
Neptune : :)

6:47 PM - snek: 4 seconds
6:47 PM - snek: fag
6:47 PM - Slvrbuggggg: Thats how long our scrima will be when i scout

9:32 PM - pipe_hitler56: youre ok
9:32 PM - pipe_hitler56: youre a bot
9:32 PM - sigfig: I know
9:32 PM - pipe_hitler56: but youre an ok bot
9:32 PM - sigfig: thanks for the meme
9:33 PM - pipe_hitler56: yw bot

doggo does a meatball : I haven't seen this many sandbags since I went to that WW2 reenactment
steel 4s matches gg lul

frog neck : nighthawk defend the damn base
Nighthawk : I'm going to eat your legs

cT| s1gfit: So how's Macbeth going, osdo?
osdo1: I want macdeath

12:53 AM - Meemo: phat pipes phat life

bo4r: im just going to go on my alt....

5:29 PM - : my ego
5:30 PM - osdo1: I fear know man, but snek's ego. It scares me
5:30 PM - osdo1: know man
5:30 PM - osdo1: know man
5:30 PM - osdo1: I'm gonna jump off a bridge

8:00 PM - dorito jim: nah i went
8:00 PM - dorito jim: medium rough sex

spatacus on mid as medic: "i'm not afraid of clayton" two seconds later "OH GOD IT'S CLAYTON"
to be fair, clayton almost got the kill.

11:17 AM - osdo1: I fear know man
11:17 AM - osdo1: but senor snek

spatacus : he bought his mic in the bathroom
spatacus : HELP
*DEAD* Knavish : Good
Howard : bought it in the bathroom?
spatacus : yes

10:28 PM - Carlton Banks: Welcome to the Koolaidalan relief center.
10:28 PM - Carlton Banks: How may I help you tonight, sir?
10:29 PM - raisins: how do I unsee koolaidalan's hentai stash
10:29 PM - Carlton Banks: We're sorry this has happened.
10:29 PM - Carlton Banks: But, there is nothing you can do.
10:29 PM - raisins: well shit
10:29 PM - Carlton Banks: What I reccomend is that you look up "Straight Porn" on your favourite porn site and you should be fine.
10:30 PM - Carlton Banks: That should get the PTSD to at least slow down.
10:30 PM - Carlton Banks: Again, we're sorry that this has happened and we may reccomend you to a Therapist.
10:31 PM - Carlton Banks: Is there anything else you need to have said?

4:17 PM - qasist.oS: i like 5ways

Autism Wall!
DD-NOS : cant even sandbag a pub :o

Idiots: ( guy thought I was hacking on HL official [])
UberDoge The First : mmmm nothing is better than being killed then a gib-pyrovis. sniper
*DEAD* UberDoge The First : this nigga
PedroYEP : muffyn rat kid focking free to play
PedroYEP left the game (Disconnect by user.)
(TEAM) akwagnersteel1 : fishy why u hack
Vyezin : hacker
*DEAD* My knife, your ass. : what a little hacker
*DEAD* Robbie Rotten : nice aimbot
*DEAD* heartspun is cool : kys
KingLouie : jewish i know you cheatin
VoodooGreen : sniper is cheating
yo_moe-13 : but your hakcing
*DEAD* das fraghten : wow
*DEAD* das fraghten : a lot of hs from these snipers
*DEAD* Kraigh : hacker
Faust : calling bullshit on that electrix guy
Faust : just turn it off
lwolow : aimbot
*DEAD* Johnsworth : his aimbot is only killing me
*DEAD* Smokey The Bear : fucking nigger
*DEAD* FusionTorch : ok
*DEAD* FusionTorch : wtf eltric
*DEAD* El Senor Punch Atomico : Electric is aimbot, rofl.
El Senor Punch Atomico : Kills me standing still while im cloaked
*DEAD* King : wtf
King : fuck off nigger
*DEAD* Doctor Dead : snek Fuck hacer
jamestheredpanda : Snek stop being a nigger
*DEAD* TheLegend27 : snek yous a bish
*DEAD* Oc : wtf hacks?
w0lV3s_0f_fIr3 : Mhm sure
*DEAD* Oc : hacks
*DEAD* Corporal Crispy : wow snek
*DEAD* Corporal Crispy : snek stop :'(
snek : sorry son
Corporal Crispy : bullying :'(
*DEAD* Modrinihner : fek off snek
*DEAD* xKriZen : ahhahah
*DEAD* xKriZen : osdo nice hacks
*DEAD* :Finland: : osdo2 is botting
:Finland: : you're a botter
*DEAD* ✯Nutshell✯ : what the fuck
*DEAD* ✯Nutshell✯ : hacker?
dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (Score:20) defeats [PMDT] "Minion" LFP HL Scout (Score:0) in duel to 20 on Snakewater Middle
[PMDT] "Minion" LFP HL Scout : Aimbotter
JRubz : noah... is that sniper legit
The Green Space Dorito : lol your aimboting
CRYSTALPONYGAMING : no one is that good
hillarys email server : i think you cheat bitch

*******HL SCRIM******
cT | TheRealWeiner(LFT plat): want to do another half?
shia: listen bud
shia: we're pretty sure your sniper is toggling
cT | TheRealWeiner(LFT plat): ;I our sniper isn't hacking
cT | TheRealWeiner(LFT plat): he's a good sniper
shia: if he does that shit in a match
shia: he is GONE
shia: i hope he knows that
cT | TheRealWeiner(LFT plat): well if you actually think he's hacking than I want to look into it
shia: our whole team is 100% sure
shia: our soldier is 200% sure

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add me so i can send u trap porn
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M is for Moral, governed by ethics
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N is for Nurturing, you bring out the sigafoo in people

I is for Illustrious, bright and accomplished (similar to engineer)

O is for Original, an independent thinker
W is for Well-read, knowledgeable in all subjects (literally sigafoo)
N is for Noble, self-sacrificing yourself for the engineer
Jungle Inferno Update! Aug 10 @ 11:30am 
10/10 sniping skills m8, raped our entire team
triplex Jul 31 @ 5:06pm 
im sorry snek, we just dont talk that often :/
Xi Jinping never smiles Jul 11 @ 7:59am 
Snake I'm not trolling, adil just asked to play med on my team.

Team: cratea Jul 3 @ 11:26am 
Bad & Boujee: thanks
honclbrif: faggot