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10:53 PM - poot: and our pocket told our med to follow him
10:53 PM - poot: then he said
10:53 PM - poot: "you dont want to follow someone named poot do you"

02:42:02 Bubbl3: I need to download the map
02:42:27 TF2Center: Lobby almost ready
02:42:33 Bubbl3: NO

On break from UGC admining. Don't add me to deal with that.
The bananababes will not yield to the demands of the bourgeois pigs.

1:47 AM - bananababe grey: omfg
1:50 AM - bananababe white: i was betting that he was really stupid
1:50 AM - bananababe white: i lost the bet

4:59 PM - pascal: I HAVE TO POOP

1:17 AM - pascal: and i spit the milk out my nose, the nonexistent milk that i wasn't drinking
1:17 AM - pascal: i said "then you aint high open dude"
1:17 AM - pascal: and everyone laughed
1:17 AM - pascal: and that was my entertainment for the night

Digresser: Never tell a girl to have her glands checked

3:42 PM - pascal: I wish I was a male

21:31:40 indust ☾: terry's ass is beautiful
21:31:44 indust ☾: i've seen it in person

11:03 PM - pascal RIP COMPUTER: that reminds me of when you're in a closed room yourself, then you suddenly smell a fart
11:03 PM - pascal RIP COMPUTER: like it's a ghost fart
11:04 PM - pascal RIP COMPUTER: because you know it wasnt you who farted

7:46 PM - Only Couches Pull Out: shut up
7:46 PM - Only Couches Pull Out: nerd
7:46 PM - Only Couches Pull Out is now Offline.

11:01 PM - UGC TERRY CREWS: permission to write snarky reply email sir
11:01 PM - UGC Firefly l fire at will

2:13 AM - BH6.ジョジョの奇妙な冒険: thank god for makeup
2:13 AM - BH6.ジョジョの奇妙な冒険: i can have rough nights and still look like a 5

12:34 PM - brick: I love you Terry Crews

spooky εїз: holy shit terry
spooky εїз: you're dumb
spooky εїз: it's ok tho
spooky εїз: boys are naturally stupid

*Maple is a mathematical computation/graphing software*
11:35 PM - UGC TERRY CREWS: hey
11:35 PM - UGC TERRY CREWS: have you used maple before?
11:35 PM - BattleBull Homework: maple?
11:35 PM - UGC TERRY CREWS: yeah
11:35 PM - BattleBull Homework: like the suryp?

12:14 AM - εїз: I don't care what boys think but ty.

7:10 PM - momordica charantia εїз: just put your butt in her

bfl` Frankenstein: you're too
bfl` Frankenstein: how do i put this
bfl` Frankenstein: black


Mamboulay: I have a secret to tell you TERRY.
Mamboulay: From the moment you were born, I know that it would be in your destiny to play against The Lamborghini Murphies in UGC's Highlander Season 14 Week 2.

Highlander :
S10 Iron: Department of Homeland Obscurity - Allclass backup
S11 Steel: Highfashion - Heavy
S12 Silver: Crystal Kingdom - Soldier
S13 Platinum: SPACEBEARS - Soldier
S14 Gold: Independent Fighter's Alliance - Demo/Soldier - 3rd
S14 Gold Allstar Soldier
S15 EU Platinum - Fair Enough: Project X - Backup
S16 Asia - Point Five - Moral support - 3rd
S17 Gold: Independent Fighter's Alliance - 4th
S18 Gold: Independent Fighter's Alliance

UGC 6s :
S14 Steel: Old Spice Girls - Allclass starter
S15 Platinum: Old Spice Girls - Roamer
S16 Platinum: Subliminal - Roamer/Demo - 2nd
S17 Platinum: Subliminal/Greatness - Backup - 2nd
S18 Platinum: Greatness - Moral support - 1st
S19 Platinum: Old Spice Girls - Pocket - 2nd
S20 Gold: Uncle Dad and the Family Secrets - sub

S4 Open: Friday at 5 - Pocket (Team folded)
S5 Open: Butterfly Effect - Pocket - 3rd lol

S15 Open: Tina Belcher and the Uhhhs - Pocket
S19 Open: 6cuties - maybe someone will pay for me - 1st lol
S20 Intermediate: The Cattle - sub (Team folded)
S21 Open: hot dads - Pocket - 3rd

AFC9 Div2: Sweaty Tryhards - Carry - 2nd

UGC 4v4
S1 Silver: Wooden Case Mafiosos
S2 Gold: Chocolate Swirl
S4 Gold: TERRY'S CREW - 1st
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