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01 Kuuchuu Buranko [Completed 10th May]
02 Tatami Galaxy [Completed 21st May]
03 NoCome [Completed 23rd May]
04 Space Adventure Cobra [Watched 25th May]
05 Tokyo ESP [Completed 30th May]
06 Azumanga Daioh [Completed 6th June]
07 Kill la Kill [Finally Completed 4th July]
08 Kurokami [Completed 17th July]
09 NieA_7 [Completed 28th July]
10 Innocent Venus [Completed 3rd August]
11 GTO [Completed 18th August]
12 A Letter to Momo [Watched 19th August]
13 Samurai 7 [Completed 30th August]
14 Final Fantasy VII Advent Children [Watched 31st August]
15 Haganai [Completed 8th September]
16 K-On!! [Completed 22nd September]
17 K-On! Movie [Watched 22nd September]
18 Trigun Badlands Movie [Watched 23rd September]
19 Vampire Princess Miyu [Completed 5th October]
20 Haibane Renmei [Completed 11th October]
21 Nadesico - Prince of Darkness [Watched 12th October]
22 Requiem from the Darkness [Completed 17th October]
23 Kaiba [Completed 23rd October]
24 Strait Jacket [Watched 24th October]
25 Oblivion Island [Watched 26th October]
26 Aachi wa Ssipak [Watched 28th October]
27 Junkers Come Here [Watched 30th October]
28 Tekkonkinkreet [Watched 4th November]
29 5 Centimeters Per Second [Watched 11th November]
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