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You can always find something positive in every negative situation and on the contrary - It's only a matter of your feelings and choices. You don't choose what to feel, but you choose how to react on things around.
And then, there comes the real freedom with the understanding of how much you're capable of with your choices. When you realize that nothing else matters but to be yourself, express your inner world and make choices you find right for people you care about, for thyself. Then you stop to waste your time on things that can't bring you what you desire - and after all, you find yourself less and less limited.
With the time, you learn to enjoy yourself, your life and accept your ups and downs as some points of self-construction. You learn how to get both positive and negative experience and turn it from your weaknesses to a pure strength.
But you have to remember one thing - there will always be people who envy and hate you, just because they have a different opinion from yours, as well as there always will be people who like you.

There are only 2 sides:
- First, is where people simply share your views.
- Second, is where they don't.

From both sides, you gain the experience you can use to make yourself a better person. And you should never ever take the responsibility for somebody's hate or love, you responsible only for your own actions and words.
And before pretending to care about somebody else - you must learn to care about yourself.

Christine Laura McShy - 2017

Thank you, Christina, for showing me the way I haven't seen before!


Name: Cenk
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Country: Germany
Languages: German, English, Turkish, Spanish (a bit), Japanese (learning)
Clan: Quoth Gaming Community (QGC)

🌟 "Ich kann nicht annehmen, ich höre gerade Musik!" -Cenk Immernoch
🌟 "Сука Блядь!" -Daniel Immernoch
🌟"Justin Bieber, das war dein Testament..." -Daniel 2k16
🌟 "ICH KÄMPFE!" -Leon 2k14
🌟"DEN KRIEG ICH NOCH?!" -Leon 2k14
🌟 "Kekzi guck mal, BAUM!!!!" -Leon 2k14
🌟 "Du Idiot, hör auf mit der Scheiße." -Leon 2k16
🌟 "Morcion wollte dir reden." -Long 2k16
🌟*unverständliches Gelabber* -Long Immernoch
🌟 "Man hat das gar nicht gemerkt, weil ich die Maustaste direkt an der Maus hab." -Long 2k17
🌟 "Seid Kooperativer, KOOP-MODUS!!!" -Long 2k16
🌟 "Hast du etwa, KOOP-MODUS GESAAAGT?!" -Pisces 2k16
🌟 "Ich bin ein kleines billiges Mädchen, oh nein bitte vergewaltige mich nicht" -Lukas 2k16
🌟 "Bin mal kurz weg..." -Lukas 2k16
🌟 "Lass mal kurz hacken..." -Lukas 2k16 (4 VACs)
🌟 "Das Weiße ist auch nicht das Gelbe vom Ei und die Leute essen es trotzdem." -Lukas 2k16
🌟 "Nein heißt nicht nein!" -Lukas 2k16
🌟 "Ziehst du ihre Füße aus?" -Tom 2k17
🌟 "Ich kann meine Tastatur nicht In-Game bewegen!" -Tom 2k17
🌟 "Alles klar Tom, alles klar ins Wasser werfen, mach mal vor, danke." -Andre 2k16
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