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Wow, I cannot believe I didn't come across this game sooner, and it surprises me even more that there are so many negative reviews (I have to assume most of them are from people who played the Early Access version). I found Vector Thrust in passing on Steam a few times but never paid much attention, especially after seeing the “Mixed” review summary. I picked it up when it went on sale just to give it a try, and I'm sorry now that I didn't get it sooner.

As someone who loves the Arcade Air Combat genre, but abandoned consoles after the PS2, I've been looking for a decent PC game in this category for probably the last 10 years. There have been a few attempts (including that abomination that was the "Ace Combat: AH" PC port), but nothing really ever met the mark... until I found this.

Vector thrust has everything you could want when it comes to arcade-style air combat: Lots of planes to choose from, lots of targets to shoot, and LOTS of ammo to shoot with. The interface is familiar to those who have played other games in the genre, and the controls are fully customizable, including support for a wide variety of controller and joystick options (though the keyboard controls are actually surprisingly good for a PC flight game too). On top of all that, the developers have gone out of their way to make the game extremely moddable, and even include an in-game editor for making custom missions. While the game does have Steam Workshop support, there is far more content available from other sites like ModDB that add to the experience of the game.

Now, all that said, it isn't perfect, there are a few gripes I have with the game; I'm not a huge fan of the Cell Shading art style, though honestly I stop noticing it after the first few minutes. A few of the missions have some minor bugs, that may cause you to have to replay them occasionally, and sometimes the mission objectives are not particularly clear (like when you are told to fly to a waypoint, but then fail the mission for flying out of the area when you go a bit too far). The graphics are lackluster (especially ground textures) for a modern PC game, and whoever decided on the "actually zero-visibility" for the desert mission needs to be smacked (you literally cannot see anything outside the plane, at any altitude, for the entire mission, it’s REALLY boring). The dialog is long and drawn out far more than needed (especially the briefings and debriefings), and the storyline is confusing (lacking any sort of context for the events that occur, or the factions involved), uninteresting, and, as longtime fans of Ace Combat may notice, a direct copy off of the plot of Ace Combat Zero (minus back-story and plus a few twists). My final, most frustrating complaint though, is that the game has probably over 100 aircraft built-in that you can unlock for "challenges", but only about 10 of them appear to be actually useable in the campaign or skirmishes (unless I'm just bad and missing some trigger to unlock more after I played through the whole thing).

But even with all its shortfalls, Vector Thrust has gotten me back into a genre that I haven't played in years, and I'm thoroughly enjoying playing through it. I hope the developers continue to give the game a little love where it needed, and I wish there was still a more active community (I suspect they made the mistake of over-advertising the Early Access version, and turned people off with all the, now mostly fixed, bugs), because Vector Thrust has a lot of potential, and the community content that actually IS out there is great!... I just wish I could get a few people to join my (or anyone’s) multiplayer server every now and then.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone interested in Arcade Air Combat games, and emphatically recommend to anyone who has enjoyed other games in the genre before!
Posted October 17, 2016.
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I got this game for free as a Kickstarter supporter, but even I can see that this version of the game shouldn't be more than a $5 DLC, it is by far not a standalone game. It's definately a good upgrade from Planetary Annihilation, but not worth paying for at the current price if you already own PA.

Basically, they added 1 new unit to each unit type and tech level, there are also 4 new endgame units and 1 new endgame structure, all of which you will almost never use because there are quicker and easier ways to kill your enemies. There are a few nice UI upgrades from standard PA too, but nothing significant. And that's basically the only difference between this an PA.

TL;DR: If you don't already own PA, this is the game for you. If you do already own PA, wait for a REALLY good sale.
Posted August 22, 2015.
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Early Access Review
Still very Work In Progress, but a great game so far. Can't wait to see what the guys at Facepunch do with this next!
Posted December 11, 2013.
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I absolutely love the Ace Combat Franchise, its my favorite series of games of all time. As such I was excited when the latest game was released for PC, but that excitement quickly turned to frustration as I realised just how poorly ported from the console the game was.

Leave any notions of how the game is supposed to work behind, because not even a controller will make this game playable. I've tried three different control configurations and none have worked like they should. Between the bugs and poor custom key/button-mapping, this is by far the worst console port of and game I have ever played.

As a huge fan of Ace Combat, I really wanted to like this game, and if it worked right, I'm sure I would... but it doesn't, so I can't. =/
Posted October 8, 2013. Last edited May 24, 2015.
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If you own Tropico 3, don't bother getting 4. It's basically the exact same game (they even use the exact same models for almost all of the buildings) except they added like 5 new structures and a less user-friendly interface.

This could hardly be considered an expansion to Tropico 3, let alone its own game.
Posted July 20, 2013. Last edited August 19, 2014.
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A lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. It's like the Garry's Mod of space ships. A surprisingly good game for an Alpha, can't wait to see what they do with it going forward.
Posted July 17, 2013.
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Seriously, don't buy this, unless your getting it for a 2 year old kid. I got this in some game pack a while back and only start it up to do steam sale achievements. This most recent one I couldn't even finish because the game is just SO BAD, it hurts to play it for more than 60 seconds at a time. If you want cheap entertainment, go play a game of solitaire, because its more fun than this is.
Posted December 22, 2011. Last edited August 19, 2014.
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