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If you add me, I will assume you have read the entirety of my profile, or almost the entirety.

I guess I should do this so I can be cool.

best friends or something lol <3
A cool krogan with an accent I can barely understand
Reptilian cuckboi
A pretty chill bird
Kanadian Kike
henlo lizer
I need best friends who can support me, not best friends who are simply there to talk to me. If you were removed from this list, you have betrayed my trust in some way.


big halo/mass effect/warhammer 40k/cyberpunk/star wars nerd with some lotr on the side

You might want to set a nickname for me. I don't change names that often, but sometimes I will change profile pictures out of indecisiveness.

I do not like it when people remove others out of the blue. If you do that, please have the courtesy to let me know beforehand, instead of dropping me and moving along.

thanks for reading <3

INFJ "The Empath"

In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.


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